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Success Stories

We are thrilled to witness our users achieve outstanding results and boost their ad performance through the power of AI technologies. Discover the real success stories of our customers.

Achieving a 13% Sales Uplift through Cross-Channel Orchestration based on Advanced A/B Testing

The AI-driven cross-channel-portfolio optimized by the generally applicable platform of Nexoya witnessed a 13 percent higher uplift in sales than the uplift achieved in the portfolio optimized with the customized models.

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Target CPL achieved in only 3 weeks. Add-To-Carts up by 47%. Discover the highlights from our fruitful collaboration with ZKB and Webrepublic.

Discover Yello's breakthrough with Nexoya: AI-driven optimizations, unified reporting, and enhanced ad performance across nine channels.

Assura, a trusted provider for over 900,000 policyholders, partnered with Nexoya to optimize their marketing campaigns. The result? An outstanding 24% increase in calculator entries!

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