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Assura Success Story: 24% increase in calculator entries with Nexoya’s campaign optimization

A short overview of Assura

With its headquarters in Pully, Switzerland, Assura is one of the leading players in the Swiss health insurance market, entrusted by more than 900’000 policyholders. Offering a broad spectrum of health insurance services and products, Assura is committed to simple, high-quality interactions that deliver tangible added value for its customers.

Assura aims to retain its leading position in the market and ensure the success of its performance marketing activities.

Tackling Market Pressure and Channel Overload

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Assura, a leading player in the competitive health insurance market, recognized the importance of efficient marketing budget allocation and optimization of campaign performance across multiple channels such as Meta, Google Ads, local performance vendors and Video. However, due to the lack of a unified view of their cross-channel performance, Assura’s marketing team could not get an overview of the overall campaign performance. As a result, this lack of clarity not only complicated campaign monitoring and optimization but also consumed significant time in the reporting process, making it hard to estimate the overall impact of their marketing efforts.

Striving to increase the number of calculator entries and generate higher quality leads, Rasmus Quante, Head of Marketing at Assura, searched for a solution that would enable efficient tracking and optimization of campaigns across all channels.

“We were searching for a solution that could provide enhanced transparency and guarantee optimal budget distribution across various channels. Intrigued by the potential of AI-powered optimization, we were eager to witness firsthand the results achievable by integrating AI into our strategy.”

– Rasmus Quante, Head of Marketing at Assura.

Harnessing AI to amplify marketing efforts during low and high seasons

Motivated to transform their approach and adopt a more data-driven strategy, Assura turned to Nexoya’s AI solution. Designed to automate the process, simplify campaign optimization, and provide valuable insights into marketing performance, Nexoya integrated seamlessly into Assura’s existing processes and offered a smooth transition for its internal marketing team as well as its agency partner.

Nexoya’s machine-learning algorithms predicted and optimized performance indicators such as calculator entries and conversion value, allowing Assura to make the most of its marketing efforts. Nexoya’s customer success team offered regular actionable recommendations on budget reallocation, enabling Assura to respond quickly to enhance its budget allocation and consequently improve its return on ad spend (ROAS).

“With Nexoya, we were able to not only optimize our campaigns during the high season but also make the most of the low season and improve the overall quality of traffic. All in all, the investment in Nexoya has paid off many times over, as the number of calculator entries has increased by 24%.”

– Rasmus Quante, Head of Marketing at Assura.

What are the main benefits for Assura?

Collaborating with Nexoya allowed Assura to save considerable time on campaign optimization, focusing on more strategic tasks and leaving the optimization process to AI. Additionally, the Nexoya dashboard offered an immediate overview of the campaigns that generated most of the value.

“We no longer need to speculate on which campaign and channel performed the best. It’s directly visible in the tool. One look at the dashboard, and you can see which campaigns generate the most value.”

– Rasmus Quante, Head of Marketing at Assura.

The collaboration with Nexoya resulted in significant benefits for Assura:

  1. AI-based dynamic cross-channel campaign optimization
  2. Increase in Calculator Entries by 24%
  3. Leveraging potential during both low and high seasons
  4. Smooth onboarding and collaboration

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Optimized channels:

Meta, Google DCM, DV360

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