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    Up to €40k Ad spend/month

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    • Every two weeks optimizations with analyst call

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    Up to €100k Ad spend/month

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    • Weekly optimization

    • Onboarding & workshop

    • Automated budget change

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    Up to €200k Ad spend/month

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    • Custom optimization plan

    • Onboarding, workshop & campaign setup review

    • Automated budget change

    • Custom Integration (Adobe Analytics, SAP, Hubspot, etc.)

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    • Custom optimization plan

    • Onboarding, workshop & campaign setup review

    • Automated budget change

    • Custom Integration (Adobe Analytics, SAP, Hubspot, etc.)

All packages include

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    Data Aggregation & Reporting

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    Portfolio Management & Optimization

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    Regular Analysis Calls

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  • Starter

    2200 / per month

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    4400 / per month

  • Business

    6600 / per month

  • Enterprise

    On request

  • Aggregation & Reporting

    • Data Aggregation & Reporting

  • Optimization

    • Campaign Optimization

    • Optimization Cycle

      • Every two weeks

      • Weekly

      • Weekly

      • Weekly

    • Maximum Ad Spend

      • €40k Ad spend/month

      • €100k Ad spend/month

      • €200k Ad spend/month

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  • Automation

    • Automated Budget Changes

  • Marketing Review & Training

    • Training

      • Onboarding

      • Onboarding & Workshop

      • Onboarding, Workshop & Campaign Setup Review

      • Onboarding, Workshop & Campaign Setup Review

    • Review & Analysis Meeting with Experts

      • Every two weeks

      • Weekly

      • Weekly

      • Weekly


What our users say about Nexoya

  • mike-fuhrmann-generali

    Mike Fuhrmann

    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Generali Switzerland


    “72% more conversions thanks to Nexoya’s artificial intelligence in just three months, that’s astonishing! This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to our next optimization round with Nexoya! Next time we are planning to achieve even more!”


    Achieved 72% more conversions with Nexoya’ AI algorithm.

  • sonia-milici-yuh

    Sonia Milici

    Head of marketing and sales at Yuh


    “I love the tool’s user experience and the one-click rebalancing of budgets for higher performance. It allows me to spend more time on key brand messages and other strategic aspects of my work. We are on track to meet our performance target quickly with Nexoya, we have already achieved up to +62% more sign-ups. We look forward to optimising further with Nexoya next year.”


    Achieved up to +62% more sign-ups with Nexoya’s AI algorithm.

  • florian-laudahn-1024x1024

    Florian Laudahn

    CMO at Farmy


    “We searched for a way to move from a static budget planning into a dynamic & data-driven approach – taking away our cognitive load on what channel is more important and smartly move it to the right spot. With Nexoya we saw exactly this potential. More than 90% conversion in some regions definitely surprised me in a very positive way.”


    Achieved more than 90% conversion with Nexoya’s AI algorithm.

We are happy to see our customers reaching new heights driving better performance of their advertising portfolio.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I change a plan I chose afterwards?

    Of course, You can change a plan, either upgrading it or choosing a more narrow plan. For downgrading a subscription plan, you will need to inform us of 3-month in advance.

  • What are the payment options?

    You can pay with an invoice.

  • Can I get a refund from the annual payment if I want to cancel?

    We do not offer refunds for upfront payments that were made. Nevertheless, you can cancel your subscription by letting us know 1-month in advance.

  • Is there a discount if paid annually rather than monthly?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the total price if paid annually.

  • Does Nexoya have partner programs?

    Yes, please contact us via the contact form and find out more information about it.

  • What are the contract terms?

    We offer our customers different terms – 1, 3 or 12 months. Accordingly, the contract can be terminated monthly, quarterly or annually.

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