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Lenzerheide’s Success Story: multiple hours saved in manual reporting

A short overview of Lenzerheide Marketing & Support AG

The Lenzerheide Marketing & Support AG (LMS AG) was founded in 2009, uniting the region’s marketing and tourism activities under one organization rather than having multiple small marketing and tourism enterprises operating locally. After reorganizing in 2018, LMS AG began focusing specifically on marketing and communications efforts for the region, working to the objective of making the Lenzerheide holiday region one of the top ten mountain destinations in Switzerland. 

Headquartered in the heart of the Lenzerheide region, the business drives the marketing efforts of the holiday destination, showcasing the range of activities and attractions: from skiing and sledding in winter to hiking and biking in summer. 

Multiple channels and vast volumes of data resulting in a lack of transparency

In order to drive visitors and keep Lenzerheide as one of the top ten Swiss mountain destinations, the LMS AG marketing team needed to fully understand the impact of their marketing campaigns—be it brand awareness, performance, or loyalty driving. Additionally, understanding trends in the marketing funnel and monitoring competitor performance was also of key importance to the team. 

They needed to know which campaigns were performing to expectations and which weren’t, but with over ten different marketing platforms and a multitude of channels, extracting these insights was a huge challenge. The vast volumes of data meant it was a complex and time-consuming process that often lent itself to error and in-transparency. Manual reports didn’t allow for an easy understanding of data trends and the specific impact of certain campaigns and marketing channels on performance.

With the labor-intensive task of generating regular, accurate, and clear reporting, the team was dedicating a significant amount of resources to gain transparency into the numbers in order to form their strategy and decide on the next steps for their marketing. COVID-19 further exacerbated the problem, with the pandemic dealing a huge blow to tourism and how the holiday destination was able to operate—making it all the more important to have meaningful insights into the digital marketing performance.

Key Challenges:

  • Lack of transparency in data from 10+ marketing platforms 
  • Multiple marketing channels with vast amounts of data requiring aggregation
  • Time-consuming and error-prone reporting 
  • Disconnect between marketing channels 
  • No holistic view of the customer journey 
  • No option to easily compare with 3rd party data such as weather

A Day Saved Per Week on Reporting-Hours

During the first onboarding, all relevant marketing channels were connected, allowing Nexoya to aggregate all data in one place immediately. 

LMS AG integrated over ten tools onto the platform, including digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads; email channels like Mailchimp; analytics tools like Google Analytics; and even integrating app information from their Google Play Store app and Apple App Store app.

The team also activated Nexoya’s weather integration, an easy to use feature that allowed them to analyze weather data both locally as well as across the most popular customer locations. 

In a joint collaboration with Nexoya, a bespoke KPI framework was defined, informed by best practice and established to suit LMS AG’s specific needs. Based on this framework, a multi-stage marketing funnel and relevant reports were then created. 

The team was able to begin gleaning insights and better understand their data almost immediately. 

Thanks to the automated data-aggregation, the team no longer needed to spend long and costly hours on creating manual reports, whilst the clarity gained from having all marketing data and weather information integrated into a single place meant improvements in the marketing strategy.

“Working with Nexoya has enabled us to both save hours in manual reporting, but also understand the effectiveness of our marketing much better thanks to the holistic, cross-channel view of the data.”

Marc Schlüssel, Executive Management at LMS AG

Features such as Nexoya’s AI-powered correlation analysis provided insight into the relationships between different marketing touch-points or the weather and deepened the team’s understanding of how certain campaigns, channels, and KPIs interacted with each other. Competitor monitoring meant the team could understand how other holiday resorts were performing, and Nexoya’s weather integration allowed for surprising insights into user behaviour and how factors like cloud coverage impacted their revenue. 

Main Gains for Lenzerheide Marketing and Support AG

  • Clarity in marketing data 
  • Multiple hours saved in manual reporting every week
  • Correlation analysis providing valuable data insights 
  • Continuous AI-powered monitoring of KPIs and anomaly detection 
  • Regular competitor analysis 
  • Monthly business reviews with Nexoya’s customer success team

“We save 2-3 days per month in work, and in addition get astonishing insights into our data. Most interesting is how our digital marketing relates to the weather. That’s like fresh snow on a lovely winter morning!”

Marcel Meyer, Digital Marketing Manager at LMS AG

What’s next?

Nexoya’s features have proven to be particularly crucial with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting tourism—both domestic and international—and restrictions making effective marketing all the more vital. With the launch of their new Bike Kingdom campaign in the face of the pandemic, having clear insight into Lenzerheide’s marketing performance has never been so important. With the new season approaching and several exciting campaigns planned, the LMS team is looking forward to activating Nexoya’s new campaign optimization feature and trying it out soon!




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Integrated Marketing Channels

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