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Kardex’s Success Story: 40% time saved on reporting and data analysis

A short overview of Kardex

Kardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. The holding consists of two entrepreneurially managed divisions, Kardex Remstar and Kardex Mlog.

Kardex Remstar develops, produces, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems and Kardex Mlog offers integrated materials handling systems and automated high-bay warehouses.

The two divisions are partners for their customers over the entire life cycle of a product or solution. This begins with the assessment of customer requirements and continues through planning, realization, and maintenance of customer-specific systems. It ensures a high level of availability combined with low total cost of ownership and operation. Approximately 1,900 employees in over 30 countries work for Kardex. Kardex Holding AG has been listed on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange since 1987.

Vast volumes of unstandardized data and time-consuming reporting

To remain a market leader and continue growing their client base, the Kardex Marketing & Communication team was always aiming to better understand their lead sources and regularly measure their channels’ effectiveness and conversion rates to generate more qualified leads and optimize the overall ROI. 

For that purpose, Kardex actively uses several marketing channels for managing their activities, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

However,  over time, it became clear that to estimate the marketing efforts’ effectiveness, it was necessary to continuously track the performance across all channels. For that reason, the Kardex team was using manual calculations in Excel sheets to gather all their data from multiple channels. As a result, the data aggregation process took a lot of time and required significant effort from the team. Moreover, vast volumes of unstandardized and disconnected data made it nearly impossible for Kardex to regularly generate and provide profound reports, get a holistic view of their overall funnel, and make data-driven decisions regarding their next steps. 

From a strategy perspective, it was vital for the team to have a clear understanding of their marketing funnel and the respective conversion rates of each step in the lead journey. However, the lack of data aggregation across the marketing stack proved a huge barrier to cohesively tracking their lead journey from start to finish and following prospective leads through each of the conversion stages.

To prioritize and efficiently allocate their resources and investments, Kardex applied a comprehensive operational framework that implied a breakdown of the lead journey into seven stages depending on the lead’s readiness to convert. 

Adrian Guertner, Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication at Kardex, quickly realized that the current situation and reporting system was blocking the company from developing further and was taking too much time and effort from the team. He knew that Kardex needed a more innovative approach that would help them to improve transparency, efficiency and increase their overall ROI and KPIs.

“Being present on many digital marketing channels made it challenging for our team to estimate the effectiveness and efficiency of our tactics. We needed a solution that would allow us to aggregate all the data in one place and to see the whole picture in no time.”

– Adrian Guertner, Head of Corporate Marketing & Communication at Kardex.

Key challenges:

  • Vast volumes of data aggregated in Excel 
  • Time-consuming and error-prone data analysis and reporting
  • Very hard to aggregate data 
  • Disconnect between different marketing channels
    • Lack of data comparability 
    • The Silo effect
  • Inability to have a holistic view of the lead journey
  • Rising operational marketing costs

Reduction of overall marketing operational costs by 40%

During the first onboarding, Kardex was able to aggregate all the data from different marketing platforms to Nexoya.

Overall, Kardex integrated over ten channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, and GotoWebinar, as well as complex systems such as Hubspot or Salesforce. At the same time, together with Nexoya, Kardex set up the primary goals and defined the main KPIs for their funnel.

After completing the onboarding, the Kardex team was ready to take over and start exploring the tool’s opportunities. 

It did not take long to see the results.

Thanks to Nexoya’s marketing funnel feature, Kardex could easily implement their comprehensive operational framework in no time and started tracking the lead journey with a predefined seven stages funnel. The funnel view and customized data visualization allowed the team to keep an eye on their progress and each conversion rate throughout the funnel, with no effort. Each stage of the marketing funnel could include KPIs from many channels. 

Since then, the Kardex team was able to clearly see the overall picture across all the channels, carefully monitor their lead journey, and make informed decisions based on their real-time data. 

Instead of hours, it now took seconds to create a customized report using Nexoya. It became much easier for the team to analyze the campaign performance and identify any potential issues and bottlenecks within the marketing funnel.

Having all the data aggregated in Nexoya allowed Kardex to filter data quickly and proceed with in-depth data analysis. The team could look up and compare performance in the different areas or campaigns with one click. Team members could easily share reports and celebrate wins together. 

“Overall, Nexoya allowed us to reduce the overall marketing operations effort by 40%”

– Hanspeter Schielly, Director of Digital & Online Marketing at Kardex.

Key benefits for Kardex

As a result, thanks to collaboration with Nexoya, Kardex were able to leverage the following key benefits of the solution:

1. All data in one place

Thanks to Nexoya, Kardex now has all their data derived from different channels in one place. The Kardex team could easily integrate all of their tools and start monitoring their KPIs in real-time. 

2. Simplified reporting and data analysis

Today, Kardex can easily create and share reports with their colleagues. Moreover, Nexoya enabled the company to apply a customized marketing funnel, and the Kardex team can now effortlessly track their lead journey and get notified about any abnormal behavior in their KPIs.

3. Holistic view across multiple channels

In addition to data harmonization, Nexoya enabled a coherent way to visualize data. Kardex can now easily see all the vital information regarding their multi-channel campaign performance. Additionally, with Nexoya, Kardex can easily attribute their data to different locations and get a clear picture of their performance in various regions. 

4. Reduction of operational marketing costs by 40%

Thanks to Nexoya, Kardex was able to cut its overall marketing operational costs significantly. This allowed the Kardex team to save time and energy to focus on other tasks. 

Before and after Kardex EN

What’s next?

Already after the first month of collaboration, Kardex experienced all the benefits of Nexoya. Now the company is eager to go further and try the campaign optimization feature from Nexoya.

“It was a great decision to partner with Nexoya. We have already achieved tremendous results by establishing transparency on our performance all along the value chain allowing us to identify corrective measures with utmost precision and effectiveness greatly reducing operational costs while increasing generated revenue. Now we are looking forward to focusing on optimizing campaigns with Nexoya leveraging its correlative and predictive features driven by AI.”

– Hanspeter Schielly, Director of Digital & Online Marketing at Kardex.

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Zürich, Switzerland


1,900 employees



Integrated marketing channels

Facebook, Linkedin, Salesforce, Hubspot, Semrush, Google Analytics, Youtube, Twitter, Google Ads, GotoWebinar

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