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CSS’s Success Story: How Nexoya’s campaign optimization improved ROAS by 30%

CSS is a leading Swiss health insurance company and with a customer
base of over 1.7 million, also the largest health insurance of Switzerland.

Short overview of CSS

Insurance company in Health and Property

  • Insurance company in Health and Property industry
  • Founded in 1899
  • 1.7 million health insurance customers 2,800 employees
  • Headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland

Analysis of marketing spendings across various marketing channels

CSS leverages a vast number of marketing channels simultaneously for their marketing activities. To stay ahead of the competition, professional and accurate execution and tracking of these campaigns across all channels is very important. Tracking the spendings and analyzing them against ad performance in cooperation with various agencies is key to optimizing the return-on-adspend (ROAS), but on the other hand, it is very time consuming. Due to the fact that the health insurance market is highly competitive, CSS is searching for ways to gain advantage and to smartly allocate marketing budgets. Consequently, CSS is exploring new approaches to improve its efficiency in marketing as well as to boost its ROAS.

Therefore, the goal of Marcel Engelberger (Head of Digital Marketing at CSS) is to maximize the conversions and impressions of their marketing campaigns with optimized budget allocation.

Smart budget allocation with nexoya’s predictive analytics techniques

The objective was to show that cross-channel optimization on paid media can be very successful with the help of modern artificial intelligence (AI).

By using nexoya’s newest machine-learning techniques, important performance indicators like impressions or conversions were predicted and optimized towards an optimal budget.

Nexoya’s team provided actionable recommendations to CSS on how to reallocate money effectively. The recommendations were proposed on a regular basis while campaigns were actively running so that CSS could react immediately on improving its budget allocation and consecutively its ROAS.

“With nexoya’s predictive analytics capabilities, we received advice on the ideal allocation of a budget as well as insights into behaviour such as banner blindness for upcoming weeks and were able to adjust our campaigns accordingly.”


What were the main benefits?

Nexoya delivered weekly advice on how to modify ad spending and improve ROAS. Nexoya was able to prove that a 30-60%+ better ROAS is possible when leveraging machine learning techniques such as predictive analytics and optimization.

“Thanks to nexoya, we were able to improve our marketing spend (ROAS) by up to 30%.”


Benefits listed:

  • A comparable overview of past and future marketing performance
  • Multi-channel campaign analysis and comparison of up to five channels
  • Ad campaign results such as impressions and conversions improved by 30-60%
  • Overall marketing return-on-ad-spend improved by 30%

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