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Farmy’s Success Story: Move from static to dynamic budgets increases conversions by up to 90%

A short overview of Farmy

Farmy is the online shop for regional and biological farming goods. They offer a huge range of hand-picked products from over 1’200 authentic producers.

Optimization of geo-based campaigns

Farmy runs over 300 campaigns on five channels across four central regions and different product types such as vegetables, drinks and meat. The complexity of the campaign structure and the dynamicity of the ad prices across channels and geographies require enormous resources to optimize it smartly and continuously. 

Main challenges for Farmy: 

  • Fast-changing market conditions and seasonality of product offering
  • Large number of campaigns for four independent geo locations
  • Time- and resource limits to monitor performance across multiple channels

Therefore, Florian Laudahn, CMO at Farmy, was looking for a solution that helps his team to move into a more automated and smarter way of optimizing its campaigns. Nexoya’s automated and ai-driven solution was a perfect fit.

We searched for a way to move from a static budget planning into a dynamic & data-driven approach – taking away our cognitive load on what channel is more important and smartly move it to the right spot. With Nexoya we saw exactly this potential”  

Florian Laudahn, CMO at Farmy

Implementation of automated campaign optimization 

Farmy reliably delivers fresh products directly to your doorstep; no surprise that geolocation matter a lot in their advertising setup. Therefore, four portfolios were created in Nexoya, representing the focus regions for their advertising activities. This gave Farmy an easy overview of how each respective location is performing and full budget control across all channels. Within the portfolio, performance was optimized towards conversions/cost-per lead and the actual revenue/cost-per-conversion value (CPL/ROAS), taking into account seasonality, trends and market demand of each respective region.

The primary goal was to increase revenue in all locations. Shortly after the onboarding, Farmy was able to optimize the budget allocation within each portfolio with just one click across five channels. Each week, the budget allocation of over 300 campaigns on five marketing channels was optimized and the budget was automatically shifted, driving performance while keeping operational work low. 

Thanks to Nexoya, Farmy increased their conversions during their most challenging season

Over the spring to summer months, the cost of digital advertising increases naturally for almost all e-commerce shops due to seasonality. Nexoya was able to counteract this trend by optimizing continuously. The result was a conversion increase of up to 90% across all portfolios.

“More than 90% conversion in some regions definitely surprised me in a very positive way”  

Florian Laudahn, CMO at Farmy

A process that would otherwise take a lot of resources each week is now fully automated, making it possible to shift budgets dynamically and with better results. With Nexoya, performance marketers of farmy can work more efficiently and focus on the strategic aspects of their job. 

Key benefits for Farmy:

  • Up to +90% more conversions 
  • Dynamic budget shifts allowed to counterbalance low seasonal trends
  • Transparency across multiple marketing channels
  • Full budget control within each portfolio

“Our conversions usually got expensive by the end of spring, but with Nexoya’s automated, cross-platform budget optimization, we were able to achieve a huge impact. Not only did we have more mid funnel conversions, we also had them at a lower cost.”

Valerii Hirda, Performance Marketing Manager at Farmy

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