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Yuh’s success story: No more time-consuming excel budgeting

A short overview of Yuh

Yuh offers the opportunity to pay, save and invest in just one app with the secure backing of Switzerland’s leading online banks. Two of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions developed the Yuh app: PostFinance and Swissquote. 

  • HQ: Gland, Vaud, Switzerland
  • Industry: Neobank
  • Size: +50 employees 
  • Type: Scale-Up
  • Optimized channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Meta, Twitter, Tiktok

Automation of performance marketing to reach 100’000 Users 

Yuh launched in May 2021 and has come a long way since then.They’ve been constantly growing their customer base with the goal to have 100’000 “Yuhsers” by the end of 2022.

Main challenges for Yuh: 

  • Ambitious performance goals and fast-growth
  • Focus on strategy becomes more important, leaving less time for ad operations
  • Many different channels to track performance

Sonia Milici, Head of Marketing & Sales at Yuh, recognized the need to increase the performance with the help of AI to reach Yuh’s ambitious growth goals and to reduce the operational efforts of her team by automating the budgeting.

“As a fast-growing company, we were looking for extra support to reach our goal. Nexoyas’ campaign automation met our needs for more performance and less operational work, reducing the cost per sign-up by 39%.”

Sonia Milici, Head of Marketing & Sales @ Yuh.

Cross-channel performance insight and automated rebalancing all in one place

To successfully grow the user base, the marketing team of Yuh knows how important data-driven optimization of digital marketing campaigns is. Previously, data from each channel was exported individually, and the performance was evaluated manually with excel sheets.

“I love the tool’s user experience and the one-click rebalancing of budgets for higher performance. It allows me to spend more time on key brand messages and other strategic aspects of my work.”

Gloria Masala,  Digital Marketing Manager @ Yuh

Thanks to Nexoya, Yuh increased its conversions while decreasing its cost-per-conversion.

Since Nexoya started working with Yuh in August, their media budget has grown increasingly. Usually, such a ramp-up leads to a higher cost-per-conversion, especially in summer. However, Nexoya was able to decrease the CPA by optimizing regularly and continuously. 

Key benefits for Yuh:

  • Up to +62% more sign-ups since using Nexoya
  • A decreased cost-per-sign-up by 39% since using Nexoya
  • Transparency across multiple ad channels and budget

“We are on track to meet our performance target quickly with Nexoya, we have already achieved up to +62% more sign-ups. We look forward to optimising further with Nexoya next year.” 

Sonia Milici, Head of Marketing & Sales @ Yuh

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Gland, Vaud, Switzerland


+50 employees



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