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Jeep® Success story: 39% more test drives in one month with Nexoya’s Campaign Optimization

A short overview of Jeep® & Publicis Media

Jeep® is a well-known automotive brand available in more than 140 countries worldwide. Founded in 1941, Jeep® is one of the leading SUV brands. Initially established in the United States, the Jeep® brand is now owned by European-American conglomerate Stellantis and distributed by FCA Switzerland SA – Astara in the Swiss market.
Working together with Publicis Media, one of the largest marketing and communications companies globally, Jeep® aims to keep the leading positions and continue flourishing in the very competitive SUV segment.

Highly competitive market and time-consuming data analysis

Operating in a highly competitive market, the Jeep marketing team knows how important it is to be data-driven. To ensure the high quality and effectiveness of their marketing efforts, Jeep is working together with the widely-experienced marketing agency – Publicis Media. 

Being experts in their field, the Publicis Media agency helps Jeep to manage and regularly monitor its marketing campaigns across multiple channels. One of the main KPIs is the number of test drive requests. To receive high traffic to the lead form, as well as leads (aka test drive requests), Publicis Media runs multiple ad campaigns with a fixed lifetime budget on three marketing platforms simultaneously: Facebook, Linkedin, and Display & Video 360 (DV360).

Operating in a highly competitive market the only way to have a competitive advantage is multi-channel campaign optimization.

“We were searching for the solution that could help us better understand our data and would allow us to get the most out of our marketing efforts.”

Rico Helmrich, Marketing F&B / Communication Manager Jeep®.

Jonas Hemmann, Senior Digital Account Manager at Publicis Media, realized that to capture the maximum potential for his client Jeep®, the team needed an AI-driven tool that would allow them to leverage their data assets and efficiently optimize their ad campaigns.

Key challenges:

  • Highly competitive market (Autumn season)
  • Time-consuming process of the data analysis
  • High costs per test drive request 
  • Vast volumes of data 
  • No holistic view over multiple marketing channels
  • Calculating all the potential scenarios without a comprehensive AI model

Achieving 39% more test drive requests while minimizing the cost per lead with Nexoya’s Campaign optimization

After a short onboarding process, Jeep® was able to aggregate all their data assets in one place and start getting more insights into their cross-channel marketing performance. As Jeep’s main goal was to generate more test drive requests, Nexoya’s algorithm was set up to optimize Jeep’s campaign performance for more leads. 

Very soon, energy and time-consuming manual optimizations were in the past! With Nexoya, the marketing team could let the algorithm work for them, leaving more time for strategic and creative tasks.

Thanks to Nexoya’s AI algorithm, already in a few weeks, the team generated 39% more conversions by simply applying the proposed budget allocation.

“In just one month, Nexoya allowed us to achieve 39% more conversions and lower our CPL by 28%, that’s remarkable!“

Rico Helmrich, Marketing F&B / Communication Manager Jeep®

Key benefits:

  • 39% more conversions (test drive requests)
  • Significant decrease of the cost per test drive request by 28%
  • A holistic view on marketing KPIs across multiple channels
  • Marketing funnel: a clear view on performance within the various stages of conversions
  • No need to optimize campaigns manually – the algorithm does it for you
  • Using the full potential of marketing efforts

What’s next?

After a successful collaboration, Publicis Media is happy to continue collaborating with Nexoya.

“Nexoya’s campaign optimization helped us achieve great results. We are looking forward to continuing optimizing with Nexoya!”

Rico Helmrich, Marketing F&B / Communication Manager Jeep®


Stellantis - Jeep®




Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Publicis Media

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