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Yello Success Story: AI-powered Automation & Unified Reporting

A short overview of Yello Strom

Yello Strom GmbH, based in Cologne, is one of the largest electricity and gas providers in Germany, supplying both private households and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As a wholly-owned subsidiary of EnBW AG, Yello has carved out a niche by combining traditional energy supply with innovative, forward-looking solutions, thus underlining its commitment to good energy and environmental compatibility.

A Need for Centralized Reporting and Enhanced Transparency

Yello, a leading company in the energy sector, recognized the value of multi-channel marketing in the complex digital landscape. However, when managing ads across multiple channels, Yello’s marketing team was faced with fragmented data from individual publishers and lacked a holistic view of campaign effectiveness. This made it difficult to optimize advertising strategies and accurately assess their impact on revenue.

In addition, the integration of new platforms and publishers was associated with a high level of ongoing operational activities. As the team works entirely in-house, all campaigns and platforms also have to be managed and optimized in-house. The further integration of additional channels adds to the complexity and operational workload.

Confronted with these challenges, Florian Bräuer, Product Lead Performance Marketing and Digital Sales, sought a solution that would enable more informed, data-driven decision-making and streamlined reporting. The aim was to be able to quickly analyze and evaluate the success of marketing activities and obtain a consolidated overview of ad performance across all channels.

The goal encompassed boosting efficiency through AI-enabled campaign optimization and integrating a solution for greater data clarity and automated reporting, essential for refining multi-channel strategies and enhancing operational transparency.

Unified Insights Across Multiple Channels via a Singular Platform

Yello’s team discovered a transformative solution in Nexoya, a platform that consolidated their disparate data streams, significantly simplifying both reporting and campaign refinement processes. Furthermore, Nexoya enabled Yello team to diversify their strategy by integrating additional channels into their mix, providing a simplified overview of cross-channel performance and eliminating concerns about complexity. 

The outcome: the onboarding process was smooth and efficient. The Yello Marketing team has successfully integrated all of its digital performance marketing channels with Nexoya. The team now has a comprehensive overview of cross-channel effectiveness and at the same time has the ability to analyze the performance metrics of each channel and gain detailed insights.

“With the help of Nexoya, we were able to unify the various data sources of individual marketers and combine them into a holistic control system. The wide variety of integrations, including Taboola, Reddit and TikTok, suited our growth trajectory in e-commerce very well.”

Florian Bräuer, Product Lead Performance Marketing and Digital Sales at Yello

Markus Braun, Performance Marketing Manager, adds:

“With the help of Nexoya, we have streamlined the operational processes in the Yello team. At the same time, we were able to take a big step towards diversifying our marketing channels by integrating different platforms. Nexoya supports us in managing many channels efficiently and in a resource-saving manner.”

Markus Braun, Performance Marketing Manager at Yello

Enhanced Decision-Making Through Data-Driven Insights

Beyond the regular optimizations, the ongoing support and weekly consultations from the Nexoya Customer Success Manager (CSM) were also very valuable to the Yello team. 

Beyond the regular optimizations, the ongoing support and weekly consultations from the Nexoya Customer Success Manager (CSM) were also very valuable to the Yello team. 

His commitment made a significant contribution to the Yello team being able to implement the platform quickly and use it with all its benefits. As part of the CSM services, the team received expert advice on how to strategically improve the configuration to optimize overall advertising performance.

The outcome: a smooth integration process and enhanced, data-driven insights for the Yello team.

Automated Cross-channel budget application

Besides dynamic optimization, the platform’s automated budget distribution is a major plus for the Yello team. This innovative feature makes it possible to distribute the proposed budgets and targets across all operational channels with just a few clicks.

The result: a considerable reduction in time and manual effort and therefore an improvement in operational efficiency. Manual budget distribution has thus become obsolete. The Yello team can now invest its freed-up resources in more critical, strategy-oriented tasks.

Key benefits for Yello:

  • Expert advice and data-driven insights
  • Dynamic campaign optimization 
  • Holistic view across nine advertising channels
  • Simplified cross-channel reporting
  • Fully automated budget allocation and target adjustments


Yello Strom


Electricity and Gas Supplier


Cologne, Germany


100 employees



Optimized Channels

Meta, Google Ads, LinkedIn, X, Microsoft Bing, Taboola, TikTok, Reddit, Outbrain

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