These are the following marketing tools that nexoya connects and provides you with data-driven marketing insights.

We are constantly adding new integrations, let us know if you miss something.

Google Analytics

Marketing analytics platform, that helps to track the website traffic and performance and drive better results.


Social media channel that connects people. Facebook manager enables to set up advertisements.


Linkedin is a business related social media channel that focuses on professional networking.


Programmatic multiscreen advertising platform that uses Real-Time Advertising technology based on elaborated algorithms.


Email automation engine, that enables you to send, track and receive emails.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe analytics is a web analytics platform that provides you with valuable insights based on machine learning.

Google Adwords

Online advertising platform that helps to improve visibility and reach across the internet.


Social networking platform, where people can share news instantly with each other and reach even wider audience with right hashtags.


Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform that schedules emails and social ads.


MediaMath offers solutions for data management and digital advertising media technology for marketers and advertisers.


Adunit is a advertisement platform that enables you to automate your ads and campaigns across the internet.


Pipedrive is a Sales CRM program, that enables small teams to manage and plan their sales activities.

Google Play

Google Play offers various services for users such as app-store for Android operating system. Moreover, Google play offers videos, music and books.


Social media channel that connects people by enabling video- and photo sharing easily with hashtags.


SaaS tool for online marketers that want to increase SEO and overall online marketing performance. Gives insights into your closest competitors.

Smart Ad Server

Smart Ad Server helps advertisers and publishers to manager their ads with advertisement management applications.


(coming soon)

Shopify is an e.commerce platform, that offers services such as payment, marketing, customer engagement and shipping.


Blink is a URL shortener, that offers link performance analytics and clean, short links to any type of a business.

Apple App Store

Appstore allows users to browse and download all kind of apps on an iPhone.


Hubspot is a software that offers products for indbound marketing, sales and CRM.


Transactional email marketing platform offered by Mailchimp.


AppNexus is a software platform, that helps marketers to create and manage programmatic ads.


Adition offers programmatic advertising solutions for automated digital marketing efforts.


YouTube is a leading video and music sharing platform that attracts millions of users on a daily basis.