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Optimize your marketing performance with AI

Nexoya is using aggregated statistics to train it’s model and does not share your personal data to third parties keeping the privacy of your end customer a first priority.

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Data Aggregation & Reporting

The data aggregation & reporting feature allows you to have a holistic and transparent overview of marketing activities, by creating cross-channel reports and custom metrics.

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With the optimization feature, you can operate and monitor your campaigns and get predictions on your defined goals as well as proposals on how to optimize campaigns. You can make budget adjustments to campaigns in order to improve the likelihood of achieving your goals.

  • Multi-channel campaign optimization

    Optimize multi-channel campaigns in real time with the help of AI algorithms.

  • Budget allocation

    Based on advice from Nexoya, move budgets towards best-performing campaigns and ad sets to use your budget the most efficient way.

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  • “In just one month, Nexoya allowed us to achieve 39% more conversions and lower our CPL by 28%, that’s remarkable!”

    Rico Helmrich, Marketing F&B / Communication Manager Jeep®

  • “72% more conversions thanks to Nexoya’s artificial intelligence in just three months, that’s astonishing!”

    Mike Fuhrmann, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Generali Switzerland

  • “Thanks to Nexoya`s machine learning algorithms, we were able to improve the conversions of our multi-channel social media campaigns by up to 38% in only 3 weeks, that’s stunning.”

    Milos Radovic, Head of Marketing Development, Swisscom

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    Prediction & Monitoring

    Get predictions for your KPIs and campaigns and adjust them for better performance. Get notified for any unusual event in your data.

    • Monitoring

      You get notified of any unusual events that might happen in your marketing activities, such as surprising high CPC or drop in Followers.

    • Prediction

      Achieve better performance for your KPIs and campaigns by applying predictive analytics and learn how campaigns will perform in the future.

    • Funnels

      Create customized funnel views and assign all related metrics to each funnel-step.

    • Correlations

      Compare KPIs with each other and find new opportunities to boost your marketing performance.

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    Why Nexoya?

    • Save Resources

      Through the integration of the users marketing tools, the metrics and KPIs within the Nexoya platform are updated automatically on a regular basis. The user can therefore skip the manual data aggregation and processing.

    • Better Decision-Making

      With a centralized and cross-channel platform it is easier to gain an understanding of the status-quo and base the decisions on actual facts, instead of basing them on “gut-feeling”.

    • Proactivity

      The notifications about irregularities in metrics or KPIs allows the user to act proacitvely to changes on the market.

    • Competitiveness

      Thanks to Nexoya’s AI technologies the user is enabled to stay compeitive in the fast paced marketplace environemnt.

    • Collaboration & Transparency

      The centralized platform from Nexoya further increases transparency within or across the users team and allows for an enhanced collaboration, as making comments, assigning tasks or for example marking events is possible on Nexoya.

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