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To bring data-driven decisions to marketers.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our journey to bring AI to marketers in an easy and accessible way. We both started working in IT over 20 years ago, mainly in the area of large IT System Integrations. During those years, we learned that the main purpose of IT is to bring accessible information to users, by abstracting complexity.

When we started looking into the AI & Machine Learning field a couple of years ago, we found a quickly-evolving technology that could drive a lot of value, but which was not accessible for many people yet. That motivated us to start nexoya — we want to bring the power of AI to everyone, allowing you to make data-driven decisions even if you are a small team using standardized marketing tools.

We discovered a huge marketing community suffering from the sheer amount of statistics and data available because it requires a lot of IT expertise to aggregate, normalize, and actually understand the data. That is why we decided to focus on Marketing. We want to help people not just understand their data but actually find deeper insights into their data. Such as predictions on how KPIs and campaigns will evolve, advice on what to do best to improve your Campaigns & ROI, and most importantly, to use AI as an assistant which continuously tries to discover interesting, surprising or unusual patterns in your data.

This is the journey we’re on – join us either as a user, a partner or as a team member!

Best regards,

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