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MAGIX Success Story: Increase in total revenue by 83% thanks to Nexoya

A short overview of MAGIX

MAGIX is a multimedia software company that specializes in creating, editing, and publishing movies and music. The company has been in operation for over 25 years and has won numerous awards. MAGIX offers a wide range of software solutions, including VEGAS and SEQUOIA, which enable users to create engaging and compelling content across various media formats, such as soundtracks, movies, graphics, and websites. With a customer base of over 35 million users, MAGIX is recognized as a leader in the multimedia software sector, particularly in key European markets. The company prioritizes digital transformation and keeps improving its technology stack to help customers increase agility and reduce costs. With branches in Europe, the USA, and China, MAGIX operates on a global scale to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

  • HQ: Berlin, Germany
  • Industry: Video & music software
  • Size: Over 220 employees 
  • Type: GmbH
  • Optimized channels: Google Ads, Meta, Microsoft Ads

Overcoming Siloed Marketing and Sub-Optimal Budget Allocation

With a strong marketing channel mix, MAGIX faced a common challenge many marketers struggle with:

  • Siloed marketing efforts and sub-optimal budget allocation across channels
  • Resulting in missed opportunities
  • Wasting resources and unrealized potential 

“We were looking for a way to reduce marketing silos and allocate budget most efficiently across marketing channels in order to maximize revenue.”

Markus Wenta, Director Customer Acquisition & Analytics

MAGIX had been searching for an innovative solution to optimize their campaign performance and achieve a higher return on investment across multiple channels. After conducting extensive research, they were thrilled to find Nexoya and its AI-driven solution. 

After discovering an opportunity to do a pilot with Nexoya and test out its algorithm’s power, Markus, Director Customer Acquisition & Analytics, decided to schedule a call with one of our experts to discuss the next steps. 

After a successful kick-off meeting where the main goal and the setup were discussed, the team began the onboarding process, refining the portfolio configuration together. The main goal of the pilot was to increase revenue generated from their active ad campaigns. With Nexoya’s algorithmic power, MAGIX was able to optimize their ad spending and achieve remarkable results.

Maximizing Revenue through Efficient Budget Allocation

With the help of Nexoya’s AI-driven solution, MAGIX could allocate their budget dynamically and achieve maximum return on investment. As they explored the platform’s features, they quickly discovered one that would become their favorite – the bidding strategy and budget proposal feature. 

“The most valuable feature for us is the bidding strategy and budget proposal. They help us allocate budgets to the campaigns that have the biggest impact on our revenue.”

Markus Wenta, Director Customer Acquisition & Analytics

This feature allowed MAGIX to prioritize campaigns that had the greatest impact on their revenue, providing significant value to the company. In addition, by leveraging Nexoya’s algorithmic power, MAGIX was able to optimize their ad spending and achieve remarkable results.

“Within the first six weeks of the first contract period, revenue on the relevant Bing campaigns increased by 315% while the Cost Income Ratio (CIR) improved by 154%. At the same time, total revenue from both Google and Bing campaigns increased by 83%.”

Markus Wenta, Director Customer Acquisition & Analytics

Full transparency and improved efficiency

Before implementing Nexoya, as a rapidly growing company in the e-commerce space, MAGIX had been striving to improve the management of their marketing budget across multiple channels. With limited visibility into the performance of each campaign and the impact on overall revenue, it was difficult to make informed decisions about where to allocate their resources. However, since implementing our solution, the team has seen a significant improvement in their awareness of the overall goal and budget allocation between channels. 

Thanks to Nexoya, MAGIX can now easily gain insights into campaign performance and make data-driven decisions about where to invest their resources. This has resulted in improved productivity, efficiency, and collaboration across the team, with everyone united by a shared objective and by a clear understanding of the impact of their actions on the company’s bottom line. 

Key benefits for MAGIX:

  • Increase in total revenue by 83% 
  • Improved Cost Income Ratio (CIR) by 154%
  • A holistic view on cross-channel performance
  • Improved awareness of the overall goal

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Video & music software


Berlin, Germany


Over 220 employees



Optimized channels

Google Ads, Meta, Microsoft Ads

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