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Performance Marketing

Mastering Marketing Mix Modeling: Your Key to Unleashing Greater Sales Impact

Discover marketing mix modeling in our new blog: decode past trends, shape the future, and maximize ROI in a dynamic market.

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Performance Marketing

Understanding Smart Bidding and its Most Common Strategies – TROAS and TCPA

Let's deep dive into the topic and look into Smart Bidding and its two most common strategies - Target ROAS (TROAS) and Target CPA (TCPA).

Performance Marketing

Behind the scenes: How did Nexoya win the Foodtech award

We are thrilled to win this year's competition and conquer the Marketing Technology Foodtech Award. Find out what happened behind the scene!

Performance Marketing

The Top 5 Digital Advertising Trends for 2023

2023 is just around the corner, and we can't wait to see what new digital advertising trends will emerge! Read more.

Performance Marketing

Google Search ads: How to choose the right bidding strategy for your business?

How do you decide on the bidding strategy and what pitfalls to consider before running your ads on Google search? Find out more now.

Performance Marketing

Future of Marketing Attribution Modeling

How does the future of marketing attribution look like? Your complete guide to marketing attribution modeling.


Nexoya’s 4th anniversary interview with the founders

This year 2022, Nexoya turns four years old, and we are so excited to celebrate and share this joy with our readers!

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