Text to Speech Generation Tools

Text-to-Speech is also on the verge of professionalization. We all already know the Siris and Alexas of this world, which can be operated in natural language and provide information as speech output.

AI tools for Image creation and tips

In the field of image processing, Artificial Intelligence already brings together some skills. Nevertheless, we are still in the experimental phase with the tested tools and they can be used very limited for the practical use of content creation.

AI in Marketing Workshop - Text generation tools

The objective was to create a landing page based on tools that produce the content with artificial intelligence. It was clear there was not enough time to achieve professional results.

nexoya 2019 Infographic

The year 2019 is coming to an end and we at nexoya, are so grateful for the past year. Through the year we have had a lot of challenges, unforgettable moments and overall it was a great year. You might be curious to get an overview of our 2019.

AI in Marketing - Why it is essential now and in the future

Marketers can no longer avoid leveraging AI technologies for their daily tasks and processes since success depends highly on competitive advantage, time and efficiency.

ROI analysis: 4 ways of carrying out Marketing ROI optimization

Luckily, modern technology and analytics makes it much easier to conduct a detailed and qualitative ROI analysis. Such technologies help to analyse the performance of each marketing activity.

Marketing ROI Optimization

Marketing return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure which shows the degree to which the marketing efforts contribute to the overall revenue growth.

5 useful social media marketing tools in 2020

Social media marketing (SMM) plays a significant role in every business, no matter which industry it operates in. Besides increasing the awareness SMM helps to improve and maintain the trust and loyalty of your existing customers.

Why you should start doing Performance Marketing and how AI can assist you in doing it

Performance marketing is a relatively new term in the marketing world which is often confused with affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing is part of the performance marketing concept.

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing KPIs Tracking with Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection helps you to enhance and simplify the process of KPIs performance tracking at the same time. In other words, AI helps you to save plenty of time and nerves. It makes the monitoring process much faster and therefore more efficient.

7 Steps for a successful Marketing Strategy

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