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The checklist for choosing your digital marketing agency

This list was crafted based on many experiences with our customers and related agencies and does represent the most important insights from these learnings.

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Campaign optimization – Do it the right (new) way

Marketing-campaign-related processes have become more and more complex, and state-of-the-art campaigns are optimized for specific platforms and circumstances.

AI & Marketing

Terms and topics all around AI

In the near future, the majority of household tools will be connected to the internet, just like most electric devices are in the office. That is in addition to the already vast automated connections between computer systems.

AI & Marketing

Text to Speech Generator Tools

Text-to-Speech is also on the verge of professionalization. We all already know the Siris and Alexas of this world, which can be operated in natural language and provide information as speech output.

AI & Marketing

Image creator tools and tips

In the field of image processing, Artificial Intelligence already brings together some skills. Nevertheless, we are still in the experimental phase with the tested tools and they can be used very limited for the practical use of content creation.

AI & Marketing

AI in Marketing Workshop – Text generator tools

The objective was to create a landing page based on tools that produce the content with artificial intelligence. It was clear there was not enough time to achieve professional results.

Tips and Tricks

nexoya 2019 Infographic

The year 2019 is coming to an end and we at nexoya, are so grateful for the past year. Through the year we have had a lot of challenges, unforgettable moments and overall it was a great year. You might be curious to get an overview of our 2019.

What does it take to become a data-driven Marketer?

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