About us

Being successful means driving fundamental decisions. Fundamental decisions are the premises for success.Manuel Dietrich, CEO at nexoya

Manuel Dietrich

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial Co-Founder, 20+ years in Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Samuel Uherek

Frontend Developer

Maciej Filipowicz

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning, Statistics and Data Science. 5+ years in Analytics Consulting.

Silas Rudolf

Intern Software Engineering

Marco Hochstrasser

Co-Founder & CTO

fmr. Director Engineering (120 employees), 10+ years in Software & Technical Leadership

Istvan Csaki

Backend Developer

Philipp Meier

Software Engineer

Many years experience in large-scale cloud database services and software engineering.

Fidiana Stan

Machine Learning Engineer

fmr. Machine Learning Engineer, Mathematics, Statistics & Business Administration

Qris Riner

Digital Marketing Expert

Co-Founder of Nemuk.com and Lunchgate.com

Luca Masera

Machine Learning Engineer

PhD in Computer Science. Machine Learning, Distributed Systems and Bioinformatics.

Leila Pakkanen

Digital Marketer

+5 years in Digital Marketing. Internetstores & Rocket Internet, MS Marketing & International Biz

Nemanja Nestorovic

Product Designer

Olga Zhukova

Intern Digital Marketing