About us

Being successful means driving fundamental decisions. Fundamental decisions are the premises for success.Manuel Dietrich, CEO at nexoya

Manuel Dietrich

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial Co-Founder, 20+ years in Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Samuel Uherek

Frontend Developer

Maciej Filipowicz

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning, Statistics and Data Science. 5+ years in Analytics Consulting.

Delphine Roth

Intern Digital Marketing

Marco Hochstrasser

Co-Founder & CTO

fmr. Director Engineering (120 employees), 10+ years in Software & Technical Leadership

Istvan Csaki

Backend Developer

Philipp Meier

Software Engineer

Many years experience in large-scale cloud database services and software engineering.

Dimitar Mitkov

Business Development Manager

Leila Pakkanen

Digital Marketer

+5 years in Digital Marketing. Internetstores & Rocket Internet, MS Marketing & International Biz

Luca Masera

Machine Learning Engineer

PhD in Computer Science. Machine Learning, Distributed Systems and Bioinformatics.

Olga Zhukova

Intern Digital Marketing

Djuradj Ivanic

Frontend Developer

Qris Riner

Digital Marketing Expert

Co-Founder of Nemuk.com and Lunchgate.com

Nemanja Nestorovic

Product Designer

Silas Rudolf

Intern Software Engineering