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Our Vision

To bring data-driven decisions to marketers.

“A successful team needs to complement each other's skill sets.”

Manuel Dietrich


Our awesome Team

Each one of our team members is on board to bring data-driven decisions to our users.

fmr. Director Engineering (120 employees), 10+ years in Software & Technical Leadership

Marco Hochstrasser

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial Co-Founder, 20+ years in Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Manuel Dietrich


Flavia Wagner

Head of Customer Success

Philipp shapes the backend to fetch data sources and provides interfaces for customers and our machine learning systems. Before nexoya, Philipp was working at Swisscom.

Philipp Meier

Head of Software Engineering

Roger Gatti

Head of Product

Alen Cerovina

Country Manager Germany

PhD in Computer Science. Machine Learning, Distributed Systems and Bioinformatics.

Luca Masera

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Olga Zolliker

Digital Marketing Manager

Lauren Brudermann

Customer Success Manager

Co-Founder of and

Qris Riner

Digital Marketing Expert

Sabrina Ortmann

PR Specialist

Diana Capitta

Sales Leader Italy

Jonas Juschkus

Senior Business Development Manager

Nathaly Huth

Senior Sales Manager

Francisca Nabholz


Philipp Schuppisser

Senior Technical Customer Success Manager

Dragos Sebestin

Backend Developer

Peter Ivanov

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Ovidiu Cotorogea

Frontend Engineer

Williams Rizzi

Machine Learning Engineer

Franyesca Garcia

Junior Digital Marketeer

Andreea Kovacs

Customer Success Manager

Daniele Cabello

Senior Customer Success Manager

Saskia Schweizer

Customer Success Manager

Alessia Casagrande

Project Assistant

Join our Team

We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join us on our journey to bringing data-driven decisions to people.