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Boosting Performance by 46.8%

A short overview of Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB): 

Established in 1870 in Zurich, Switzerland, Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) is a leading universal bank in the Greater Zurich Area today, with national roots and international reach. ZKB offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele. The bank’s core activities include financing businesses, asset and wealth management, trading, capital market transactions, deposits, payment transactions and card business.

Situated at the core of Zurich city, with an extensive network of 51 branches in the canton of Zurich, ZKB stands as one of Switzerland’s premier financial institutions.

Working together with its lead agency Webrepublic, one of the leading digital marketing specialists in Switzerland, ZKB is dedicated to maintaining its leadership and competitive advantage through a focus on innovative strategies.

A short overview of Webrepublic:

Webrepublic, established in 2009, is a leading 360o marketing agency based in Switzerland. The agency employs over 240 professionals and serves over 120 Swiss and international companies, offering comprehensive marketing- and technology services.

Charting a New Course: ZKB leveraging Technology for AI-Driven Marketing Efficiency and Innovation

In the face of rising costs and intensifying competition in their retail banking product portfolio, the ZKB marketing team was focused on achieving greater efficiency and a more pronounced competitive edge. 

Navigating through the highly competitive market of retail banking, their objective was to enhance performance and develop strategies that would set them apart from their rivals. One of the key challenges they faced was siloed channel optimization. 

Alexandra Rahm, Head of Advertising & Campaigns at ZKB, recognized the crucial role of data-driven strategies and innovative approaches in securing a competitive advantage and elevating performance. Overcoming the limitations of siloed optimization was essential to her strategy.

In addition to their primary goal of achieving greater efficiency and a stronger competitive edge in a highly competitive market, the ZKB marketing team was aware of another prevalent marketing challenge impacting their effectiveness:

  • Siloed Channel Optimization: The team recognized that operating marketing channels in silos, with each channel focused solely on its individual targets, led to a disjointed approach and the absence of a cohesive campaign strategy.

To achieve their objectives and address this challenge, Alexandra Rahm was in search of AI-powered solutions capable of refining their campaign strategies, enhancing efficiency, and improving overall performance. This led them to discover Nexoya, an AI-driven cross-channel optimization tool. 

Efficient Onboarding and Seamless AI Integration

After a successful kick-off meeting, the ZKB marketing team, alongside their partners from Webrepublic, embarked on the onboarding process with Nexoya. These sessions were not only crucial for outlining key objectives but also for developing a strategic plan in collaboration with ZKB, Webrepublic and Nexoya’s experts. During the first onboarding meeting the team was also introduced to their dedicated customer success manager (CSM), who provided consistent support and guidance throughout the entire transformation phase, ensuring a smooth integration and effective use of the new strategies.

The ZKB marketing team set clear objectives for their collaboration with Nexoya:

  • Increase Efficiency: The primary aim was to use Nexoya’s AI capabilities to amplify the results achievable with their current budget. This involved smartly leveraging AI analytics to make more informed decisions, thereby maximizing efficiency in resource allocation and campaign execution.
  • Enhance Performance through Cross-Channel Optimization: Recognizing the pitfalls of siloed channel optimization, the team aimed to harness Nexoya’s AI-driven platform to optimize across various channels. This strategic move was intended to extract the utmost value from their existing budget, ensuring that each channel contributed cohesively towards the overarching campaign goals.

After connecting all their channels, the Webrepublic team worked closely with the Nexoya’s customer success manager to establish their tailored advertising portfolio that comprised multiple campaigns across different channels. Furthermore, Nexoya platform also provided a comprehensive cross-channel dashboard, offering a holistic overview of all marketing activities. The dashboard’s user-friendly design enabled the ZKB marketing team to seamlessly track and assess the progress of their goals, see performance predictions and evaluate key performance indicators in just a few seconds.

“Nexoya’s strength lies in its data-based predictions, which simplified our campaign management. By focusing on these insights, we gained a clearer view of our advertising strategies, allowing us to make more informed and effective decisions.”

Alexandra Rahm, Head of Advertising & Campaigns at ZKB

Boosting performance and reaching target CPL in just 3 weeks

After a successful setup, the team was ready to leverage the power of AI and start optimizing with Nexoya. The results were not long in coming!

In just three weeks, the team was able to reach their target CPL, helping the ZKB marketing team to become more efficient. In addition to that, as a result of cross-channel optimization the team could significantly boost their performance and increase Add-To-Carts by 46.8%. This rapid and impactful result fueled the team’s enthusiasm for further exploring AI-driven optimization.

“We were thrilled to see the result we achieved with Nexoya! Reaching our target in just three weeks while boosting our performance by 46.8% was beyond our expectations!”

Alexandra Rahm, Head of Advertising & Campaigns at ZKB

Furthermore, the automated budget allocation feature of Nexoya dramatically streamlined the team’s workflow. By minimizing the need for manual and repetitive tasks, it freed up valuable time, enabling the team to reallocate their focus and resources towards more strategic and impactful initiatives. This shift not only enhanced efficiency but also allowed for a deeper engagement with higher-level marketing strategies.

Key benefits:

  • Rapid Achievement of Target CPL: Attained the target Cost Per Lead (CPL) within a mere 3 weeks, significantly enhancing the efficiency of ZKB’s marketing team.
  • Enhanced Performance Within Existing Budget: Achieved a substantial increase in engagement, evidenced by a 46.8% rise in Add-To-Carts, without additional budget expenditure.
  • Comprehensive Cross-Channel Transparency: Gained a clear and detailed view of cross-channel marketing activities through Nexoya’s intuitive dashboard.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Decision-Making: Leveraged Nexoya’s advanced analytics for more informed and strategic decision-making
  • Efficiency through Automation: Saved considerable time and effort with Nexoya’s automated budget allocation feature, streamlining routine tasks and optimizing resource allocation.
  • Smooth collaboration with the agency: The collaboration between Nexoya and Webrepublic led to significant efficiency gains. This collaboration focused on a singular goal, enabling Webrepublic to optimize advertising budget allocation in the targeted campaigns and elevate results using Nexoya’s AI algorithms in conjunction with Webrepublic’s strategic campaign architecture.


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