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Seven Mistakes Most People Make When Tracking KPIs

What are the main mistakes marketers make when tracking KPIs? And how to define the right KPIs for your business? Find out more in our article!

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AI & Marketing

6 Benefits by Implementing AI in Marketing [Infographic]

Applying Artificial Intelligence in marketing is relatively rare in the field, and therefore many marketing experts have not yet approached it.

AI & Marketing

The future of marketing and the role of AI

AI-powered technologies are entering many, if not all industries including the field of marketing. Many marketers are already aware of the ongoing change.

AI & Marketing

First interview with nexoya-founders

We had a chance to interview our nexoya-founders. In this first interview Manuel and Marco tell more in detail about the field of AI and how and why it should be implemented in marketing. Moreover, they explain more in depth about why they decided to enter the market with an AI/ML solution for marketing.

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