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Online advertising: Seven Must-track KPIs for Google ads

What are the seven must-track marketing KPIs on Google Ads? Learn about the main opportunities of advertising with Google Ads!

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The 14 Marketing Influencers you have to follow

Every Digital Marketer needs to be constantly up to date for the newest digital marketing tactics, methods and news. Social Media channels allow digital marketers to follow and read the latest news and tips in digital marketing just in their news feed either on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. In this post, we have listed marketing […]


15 Features your KPI Tool Should Have to Boost Your Efficiency

Modern KPI tools heavily influence the efficiency of a company's performance. In this article, we prepared a checklist of 15 features that your marketing KPI tool should have to boost your efficiency.


Five “Must-track” Marketing KPIs Every Digital Marketer Should Know

What are the most important marketing KPIs? In this article, we talk about the five marketing KPIs that every digital marketer should track.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays, to be successful it is crucial to have a clear Performance Marketing Strategy. Therefore, we prepared a short guide through this topic for you.


How to lead your marketing team more efficiently using agile methodology?

How to make sure you organize your team efficiently even in times of uncertainty? Find out how agile organizational methodologies can be used in marketing.

Performance Marketing

How can AI improve marketing campaign performance?

AI helps companies not only to outstand competitors but also significantly cut marketing spend by optimizing processes! Learn more about the power of AI!

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