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Tips and Tricks

Marketing awards every CMO should aim for in 2021 – Germany, Austria & Swiss Region

Marketing awards are a great opportunity for communication and marketing. It is an effective promotional tactic but can also generate content for other marketing activities. There are various competitions, to narrow the list down, we made our top selections for marketing awards in the DACH region ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland) coming up in 2021. Some […]


Five Problems every marketer has with measuring marketing KPIs in multi-channel campaigns

In this interview, an industry expert Gaetano Mecenero shared valuable insights and recommendations on how to measure KPIs the right way and become more successful.


Behind the scene: 12 facts about Marketing KPI-handbook creation

New KPI-handbook: we are now happy to share some interesting facts about this journey we have experienced during the past few months!

Tips and Tricks

New Facebook page update that can affect your marketing KPIs

Facebook page update: What are the reasons for this change? And what potential impact this update can have on your marketing KPIs?


Seven key tactics for increasing your conversion rate

We prepared a list of the most effective tactics that will help you to increase your conversion rate and grow your business.


Multi-channel Vs. Cross-channel Marketing – Which One Should Your Company Focus On?

A multi-channel marketing approach utilizes all communication channels to send a wide spectrum of messages, making it easier to get the word out.

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