Marketing ROI Optimization

Marketing return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure which shows the degree to which the marketing efforts contribute to the overall revenue growth.

5 useful social media marketing tools in 2020

Social media marketing (SMM) plays a significant role in every business, no matter which industry it operates in. Besides increasing the awareness SMM helps to improve and maintain the trust and loyalty of your existing customers.

Why you should start doing Performance Marketing and how AI can assist you in doing it

Performance marketing is a relatively new term in the marketing world which is often confused with affiliate marketing. However, affiliate marketing is part of the performance marketing concept.

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing KPIs Tracking with Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection helps you to enhance and simplify the process of KPIs performance tracking at the same time. In other words, AI helps you to save plenty of time and nerves. It makes the monitoring process much faster and therefore more efficient.

Marketing KPIs tracking with Anomaly Detection

Nowadays, the process of marketing KPIs tracking can be automated with the help of artificial intelligence. AI technologies can make it way faster and more effective.

How can you benefit from correlation analysis in marketing?

Correlation analysis can reveal significant/meaningful relationships between different metrics or groups of metrics. Information about such relationships can provide new insights, and reveal interdependencies.

The benefits of Predictive Analytics in Marketing (infographic)

Marketing analytics have changed as well over the years, especially by introducing predictive analytics into the digital marketing world. With predictive analytics, marketers can see trends and get estimations of how their marketing campaigns will most likely perform.

What an Integrated Marketing Strategy is, and how AI can help in running it

The success of an Integrated Marketing Strategy lies in the art of developing a consistent message across multiple marketing channels. The communication with the target audience across various channels creates a holistic relationship with potential customers.

How to create an AI model

In this article, we will give you some insights into how an AI Model is actually built, and what is needed for that. We’ll talk about the 2nd step of the e2e process of building an Artificial Intelligence Model - the Model Creation.

Learn how to make your data ready for AI with 5 simple steps

In this chapter, we want to dive into the actual base on what AI models are built upon - your data. We’ll talk about how to get the right data and prepare it for actually building your own AI model in the future.

7 Steps for a successful Marketing Strategy

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