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Five “Must-track” Marketing KPIs Every Digital Marketer Should Know

What are the most important marketing KPIs? In this article, we talk about the five marketing KPIs that every digital marketer should track.

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Performance Marketing

The most common mistakes marketers make while setting up ads on Google or Facebook

Before setting up ads on Google, it is important to think about certain goals. Spending your budget on ads that bring visitors to your home page can be a good idea for boosting your brand awareness.

AI & Marketing

5 Exciting Applications of AI in Email Marketing

As users receive more and more information, the attention given to an individual message decreases. As more and more companies become professionally engaged in content marketing, the battle for attention intensifies.

Tips and Tricks

The checklist for choosing your digital marketing agency

This list was crafted based on many experiences with our customers and related agencies and does represent the most important insights from these learnings.


Campaign optimization – Do it the right (new) way

Marketing-campaign-related processes have become more and more complex, and state-of-the-art campaigns are optimized for specific platforms and circumstances.

AI & Marketing

Artificial Intelligence topics and terms

In the near future, the majority of household tools will be connected to the internet, just like most electric devices are in the office. That is in addition to the already vast automated connections between computer systems.

AI & Marketing

Text to Speech Generator Tools

Text-to-Speech is also on the verge of professionalization. We all already know the Siris and Alexas of this world, which can be operated in natural language and provide information as speech output.

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