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Performance Marketing

Mastering Marketing Mix Modeling: Your Key to Unleashing Greater Sales Impact

Discover marketing mix modeling in our new blog: decode past trends, shape the future, and maximize ROI in a dynamic market.

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Performance Marketing

How to Increase your Ad Campaign ROAS

Are you ready to break the ROAS equation down and determine what underlying components can enhance your performance?

AI & Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends: From Infection Prevention to Data Protection with AI-based Marketing Automation

Online applications and digital channels have seen a huge uptake since the pandemic began. This shift in consumer behavior creates more opportunities for automated experience elements.

Performance Marketing

Top 10 Online Advertising Hacks

ur latest article, we would like to briefly present and explain ten of the best and most effective advertising hacks. Thanks to these hacks, you should be able to optimize your advertising campaigns according to various aspects.

Performance Marketing

7 Marketing Automations in Online-Advertising

The goal and purpose of marketing automation is to reach target groups, users and customers fully automatically on all marketing channels.

Performance Marketing

20 tools every performance marketer should know in 2023

We did the work for you and gathered great marketing tools for every performance marketer that wants to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness of daily work.

Performance Marketing

Your online advertising cheat sheet: All bidding strategies in one place

Ready to boost your online advertising efforts? Check out our cheat sheet with all the bidding strategies described in one place!

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