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The 14 Marketing Influencers you have to follow

Every Digital Marketer needs to be constantly up to date for the newest digital marketing tactics, methods and news. Social Media channels allow digital marketers to follow and read the latest news and tips in digital marketing just in their news feed either on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. In this post, we have listed marketing […]

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Tips and Tricks

Do not miss these SEO tactics for 2020

Only 10-15 years ago, if you were doing SEO as a profession, people might have had no clue what that meant. Nowadays, SEO is a common practice important for every company that cares about their website visibility and ranking in organic search network results.


Should companies implement growth hacking?

Traditional marketing is not enough anymore. Companies, especially those in an early stage, must focus on rapid growth, and often, the only goal that matters is overall growth.

Tips and Tricks

AI marketing tools that you need to know

In our previous post, we talked about the generic benefits of AI in marketing. In this blog post, we would like to go one step further and distinguish between various disciplines in marketing, and list some tools for each marketing segment.

AI & Marketing

An expert’s point of view on AI in marketing

We had a chance to interview our nexoya-founders. In this first interview Manuel and Marco tell more in detail about the field of AI and how and why it should be implemented in marketing. Moreover, they explain more in depth about why they decided to enter the market with an AI/ML solution for marketing.

AI & Marketing

6 Benefits by Implementing AI in Marketing [Infographic]

Applying Artificial Intelligence in marketing is relatively rare in the field, and therefore many marketing experts have not yet approached it.

AI & Marketing

The future of marketing and the role of AI

AI-powered technologies are entering many, if not all industries including the field of marketing. Many marketers are already aware of the ongoing change.

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