Consistency is the Key

The success of an Integrated Marketing Strategy is based on the art of developing a consistent message across multiple marketing channels. The communication with the target audience across various marketing channels creates a holistic relationship with the potential customers. The core messaging and the USP stay the same across all the channels, but the approach and the message itself might differ depending on the channel.

Integrating all the marketing channels just for the sake of it will not make much sense if the product does not fit the respective channel. Therefore, before deciding on which marketing channels to focus on, think about the main goal and the “culture” & audience of each of the channels. If presenting and promoting your service/product via that specific marketing channel makes sense and doesn’t appear as a “forced” action, that at the end results in misplacement of your message, then you can proceed with that channel.

This way integrated marketing communication can help you to build a holistic impression/experience about your brand.

“The aim of a successful Integrated Marketing Strategy is to attract a larger group of potential customers by passing a consistent message across various marketing channels.”

integrated marketing strategy

The proven benefits of an Integrated Marketing Strategy

1. More Effective

Consistent messaging and integrated marketing communication across all the marketing channels creates a clear image of the company in the minds of potential customers. As a result, the message will stick better (i.e. mere exposure effect).

2. Better credibility/trust among your customers

Thanks to an integrated marketing strategy and integrated marketing communication, the messaging will be consistent across all the channels. This again increases trust among the customers as they see and hear the same message.

3. Unites the teams/better team spirit

With an integrated marketing strategy, the collaboration between teams and departments increases. Working on the same messaging can strongly build up the team spirit within your marketing department.

4. Cuts costs

By implementing an Integrated Marketing Strategy, you are able to save time and cut costs by avoiding the repetition of similar work. There is only one message and one set of visuals needed (obviously formatted on the respective channel).

5. Better performance tracking across all the channels

With an Integrated Marketing Strategy in place, it becomes easier to analyse the type of marketing content and channel that works best for you, and the ones that are the least productive since the core messaging stays the same across all of the marketing channels.

Integrated marketing communication is the key to the content consistency.

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Now that you know the benefits of an Integrated Marketing Strategy, it is time to start planning and creating your own strategy right away.

step by step process of an integrated marketing strategy

Start creating your own Integrated Marketing Strategy with these easy steps

The following simple steps are a preparation before drafting your own Integrated Marketing Strategy:

1. Specify your USP, positioning in the market and target audience.

2. Define your main objective and sub-objectives (if needed).

3. Decide on your budget and the marketing channels to be used.

4. Think about the marketing tactics you would like to execute.

5. Determine your monitoring and tracking methods before launching your Integrated Marketing Strategy.

6. Work on a joint overall messaging according to marketing channels & the respective tactics.

Once you have defined these six important points, it is time to create your Integrated Marketing Strategy plan.

An example of an Integrated Marketing Strategy plan and where AI can assist

We have prepared for you an example of an Integrated Marketing Strategy plan.
As a Use Case, we created a strategy for an E-commerce shop that exclusively sells haircare products that cannot be found in regular supermarkets or drug stores. The target audience is B2C clients. All objectives are grouped at the marketing funnel stage.

Use Case: The Integrated Marketing Strategy for BeautifulHair Ltd Target audience: B2C women

integrated marketing plan with AI

Artificial intelligence can assist you with building Integrated Marketing Communication on each level of the marketing funnel.

We hope that this example of an Integrated Marketing Strategy plan was helpful and that you got an overview of how and where AI can assist you while executing your next Integrated Marketing Strategy plan for your business.

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