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Collecting all Key -Performance -Indicators (KPIs) from the various marketing tools to get real-time insights into your Campaigns.


Anomalies & Advice

With anomaly detection, you will be informed of unusual events in your data and receive advice on how to take advantage of them.



Forecasting of your Campaigns and KPIs to improve the marketing performance.

Marketing Intelligence

Gain insight in your data

Nowadays, an average digital marketing team works with ten or more online marketing tools, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, MailChimp and more. The process of collecting, cleansing, analysing, and interpreting the data from all these tools is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.
Moreover, with every further channel, the landscape becomes more complex. With nexoya's marketing intelligence platform, that focuses on AI marketing analytics, you will have a solid understanding of how your marketing campaigns, conversions, clicks and other KPIs are performing as well as the ability to track each of them on an AI -based centralised platform.

how does nexoya work

How does nexoya work?


connect and collect

Connect & Collect

After you connect your existing marketing tools, we collect all the KPIs and allow you to steadily track them.


Learn and report

Learn & Report

We analyse your marketing performance in order to give you a holistic and consolidated view on your running Campaigns and KPIs.


predict and advice

Predict & Advice

With our Machine Learning technology, we predict your Campaign and KPI performance, detect surprising and unusual patterns and inform you accordingly.


  • "Thanks to nexoya, we will offer our customers real-time KPI reporting and full transparency on their marketing campaigns.
    Additionally, we will get a powerful predictive analytics tool to help us do marketing analytics on a totally different level than before."

    Ben Klein CEO Bee Inbound
  • "nexoya will open up new opportunities for the marketing teams of small and medium-sized companies to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning without hiring a Data Scientist —this is a great chance for them."

    Dr. Markus Meierer Chair for Marketing & Market Research at Uni Zurich "Leader in Digital Marketing Analytics"
  • "With the help of nexoya, we will have our Digital Marketing metrics in one place and can benefit from the insights of nexoya’s analytics — big help to boost data-driven decision-making processes for our marketing team!"

    Michael Hollauf CEO and Co-Founder at MeisterLabs

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Gain insights on the features that the nexoya
AI marketing analytics platform provides:

Marketing Performance Management

With nexoya you have easy access to all your KPIs in one centralized platform,
allowing you to organize them in alignment with your goals.

marketing performance management
Create reports of your KPIs (visitors, conversion, CTR, revenue etc.) or Campaigns and build your custom Dashboard visualization.
All your marketing KPIs from the various tools are easily accessible in one centralized platform.
Campaign & Budget Planning
Track the progress of your Campaign by defining goals and budgets for each channel. Moreover, you can monitor the budget distribution by channel and follow the performance in real-time.

AI Marketing Analytics

nexoya analyses the KPIs and searches for patterns and correlations
that are hard for humans to detect. As a result, we provide you with the following features:

AI marketing analytics
Anomaly Detection and Advice
Receive notifications about interesting, surprising or unusual events of your KPIs and Campaigns as well as advice on certain situations with action proposals.
Forecasting of your KPIs and Campaigns enables you to get an overview of possible outcomes and their likelihood of success.
Discover new associations between different pairs of KPIs to get new ideas to run your next A/B tests.

Key Benefits

save money and time

Save money & time

nexoya automatically collects your KPIs from the various marketing tools into one central platform, allowing you to skip the manual and repetitive work of creating reports and analyses.

Better decision-making

Better decision-making

By having all the marketing KPIs in one place, you can easily create reports and dashboards to guide your data-driven decision-making.



We bring you valuable insights into your marketing data that you would otherwise miss out on, followed by advice on how to take advantage of the findings and act on them.

Stay competitive

Stay competitive

By leveraging modern AI technologies for your marketing team, nexoya supports you to stay competitive in the market.

Improve collaboration and transparency

Improve collaboration & transparency

Using nexoya in your team, helps you to collaborate effectively: comment, assign tasks, and share your findings with your colleagues or customers.

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