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How is my Marketing Campaign doing?

The ability to analyze large amounts of marketing data is the proven competitive advantage, both for 
company’s marketing departments and marketing agencies - we help you to get there.


Intelligent KPIs in Digital Marketing

Today, an average marketing team works with ten or more online tools, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Hootsuite or MailChimp - and with every further channel in a campaign, the landscape gets more complex.

To understand, if and how well a campaign is working, means collecting and analyzing a lot of numbers and reports from all the tools used - a hard, very time consuming and expensive task. This is where nexoya can support.

Being successful means driving fundamental decisions.
Fundamental decisions are the premises for success. 


Intelligent KPIs in Digital Marketing

Relevant KPIs

nexoya selects the 3-5 KPIs, which are most relevant and interesting for a Marketing Expert or need some attention.  All the rest of your KPIs are taken care of in the back. 

Monitoring & Notification

nexoya continuously monitors all your Numbers out of the various Marketing Tools and proactively informs you if an important event occurs, like a significant increase or decline of new Leads on your Content Marketing Channel for example. 


nexoya analysis all the numbers and searches for patterns, dependencies and correlations. Thanks to that, anomalies can be detected in a very early stage and Marketing Experts can take immediate action.

Predictions & Trends

nexoya relies on Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning, to generate most value out of the extracted data - like predictions on how certain numbers will develop or suggestions how you could react to certain situations

About Us

Meet the core Team of nexoya 

Manuel Dietrich

Co-Founder & CEO

Marco Hochstrasser

Co-Founder & CTO

Fidiana Stan

Machine Learning Engineer

Leila Pakkanen

Marketing Expert


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