We are thrilled to win this year’s competition and conquer the Marketing Technology Foodtech Award 2022!

After competing with over 100 top MarTech startups, we were selected by two major industry leaders, Lavazza Group & Barilla Group, for our innovation in the MarTech sector. 

All applications were thoroughly examined by a prestigious jury represented by senior leaders from many other major brands, including Accenture, Microsoft, and UBS.

In just a couple of months, after applying and competing for the prize in the “Extract value from data” category, on the 26th of October, Nexoya became an honorable winner of the Foodtech award. 

Not only are we happy about the nice new trophy that is now embellishing our office, but also about the whole experience we had participating in this award.


This year’s Food Tech Award aimed to boost the development of innovative food retail solutions that would help to improve customers’ shopping experience and leverage data more effectively.  

It was an honor to be selected as one of the most cutting-edge solutions and to do a pilot project with Barilla and Lavazza. 

And now it’s time to open up the curtains and share ten facts about what happened behind the scenes. 

10 facts on how Nexoya did win Foodtech award 2022


We are excited about this experience and ready to continue challenging the status quo of Digital advertising. 

After all, innovation drives the industry’s development and helps companies be thousands of steps ahead of their competition. 

Our CEO Marco Hochstrasser joined online from the Berlin airport to find out that we won the first prize.

And, of course, it won’t be possible without our amazing team. 


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Text version of the infographic:

10 facts on How we did win Foodtech award 2022

  1. 20 coffees drunk
  2. More than 130 campaigns optimized
  3. Three presentations created 
  4. One success story presented
  5. Ten highly motivated people involved 
  6. 90% more conversions achieved
  7. Five iterations of the presentation made
  8. Four rehearsals conducted
  9. Three champagne bottles opened
  10. Four months in total