Welcome to our next article, which is all about the importance of Performance Marketing, more specifically social media and Google ads and how to bring them together to flourish. We will dive deeper into social media (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) and Google ads and explain why using them can be beneficial to your business. Moreover, we mention important differences between social ads and Google ads and explain how to use them and for what purposes.

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Why you should (still) do social media ads in 2021

As you might have realized already, it is getting harder and harder to gain organic reach through social media. And the future doesn’t look better when it comes to this. But there is still hope! First of all, be sure to understand which social media channels are the right ones for your company, your product or your campaign to reach your customers. Testing out various channels and identifying the best suitable ones is, of course, essential.

We have listed some tips for you on why and how to improve your social media ads:

brand awareness

Introduce your brand!

Social ads are a great way to present yourself or your company to potential customers. Even though those customers might not need or buy your product right now, they will hear of it and become familiar with it. Social ads are a great opportunity to keep your (potential) customers aware.

Quality, not quantity.

It is better to select a set of sustainable social channels instead of targeting every social media platform. Social media means a constant change in the target behaviour, communication and much more. When developing your social strategy, you should focus on the platforms that are best suited to your target group and customers and that you feel most comfortable with. It is better to dominate a few than to be mediocre in all.

Who is your target group & customer audience?

It is fundamentally important to clearly understand who buys your product, why, how and when. Social media ads are a great way to discover how users interact with your marketing campaigns. They can tell you which campaign works the best for which channel at which time and date and so on. Ideally, you even get direct feedback and comments from your target audience on your ads.

Keyword: “feedback”. Feedback is a gift.

Good feedback or criticism helps to improve campaigns for greater reach and gives you a clearer image of the target audience. Try to understand what feedback has value and how you can use it to make things better. It is important to filter valuable feedback from an automated bot and troll feedback. But with rationality, you will be able to use the resonance you will get from your social media ads.

Social media ads are a great way to get in contact with your target group and customers and maybe even start a dialogue. Use this opportunity smartly, especially as a channel to communicate your brand and products.

Here’s why Google ads (fmr. Google AdWords) are so important in 2021

But there is more! The keyword is “Google ads”. Of course, placing Google ads take a big part of a planned marketing budget, but the massive reach of Google ads is attractive to many businesses that want to scale their leads rapidly.

We listed the main benefits of Google ads:

google ads

1. Google ads are a fast way to gain leads.

It takes time to build up your SEO strategy as well as to gain organic visibility across social channels. With Google ads, you directly get inbound traffic.

2. Compete transparently.

It is great that thanks to Google ads, you can easily compete with your competition on SERPs. With outrank, you can optimize your campaigns and target your competition and “beat” them with automatically optimizing set bids.

3. Reach more potential customers.

By using Google ads you can set up ads on platforms such as Youtube, Gmail and Display Networks. These platforms have enormous potential reach.

4. Understand your target audience better.

Google ads give you a lot of insights regarding your target audience. Keywords users use, their demographics, locations, times they are online and other relevant information that Google ads provide can help you build a more specific image of your target market.

Which should you choose for your business: social media ads or Google ads?

Social media ads and Google ads can be used in various ways, but there are a few aspects that can be generalized. Before choosing an advertising platform, consider these points:

1. What is your user’s goal?

This is one of the most crucial points to understand before starting your ad campaign. If you know a user is specifically searching for a solution, answers or specific content, then Google ads is definitely a great choice since Google is where users search for specific content already in their minds. Whereas on social media, users tend to have different goals. Therefore, social media is a great place for awareness ads.

2. What is your business offering?

When you’re promoting innovative products or are in a new, innovative market where the product or brand is not a well- known solution, it is hard to know your target audience. Therefore, it is important to build awareness among the target reach in order to introduce an innovative solution to potential customers. Since Google ads work solely on placing ad campaigns on SERPs for various targeted keywords, it might be a challenging task to target these users. In this case, social media ads are a great way to present innovative products by placing news feed ads, video ads, etc.

user goal

Depending on your marketing objectives, choosing either Google ads or social media ads will boost your sales, engagement or awareness. If you are interested in knowing more about how you can optimize your marketing campaigns and how to make their executions more successful, read our next article that will be published soon. Stay tuned!

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