The year 2019 is coming to an end and we at nexoya, are so grateful for the past year. Through the year we have had a lot of challenges, unforgettable moments and overall it was a great year. You might be curious to get an overview of our 2019.

In order to give you an insight into what this year brought for us at nexoya, we have prepared some numbers for you.

nexoya 2019 in numbers


Text version of the infographic

80 054 emails processed.

2928 coffees drank.

That is a lot, however, we at nexoya seem to be thriving of a regular caffeine input.

193 posts shared on social media.

Overall the social platforms we are active on, we have made 193 posts. So if you are not yet subscribed to our social channels, go follow us.

1435 tasks closed on Gitlab.

As the entire nexoya team works in 2 weeks sprints and each teammate gets assigned new tasks and sometimes problems, we are proud to have closed 1435 issues in this year.

17 team events.

Part of our measure for success is the collaboration within the team, to achieve this, we have regular team events and in 2019 these summed up to be 17.

6228 files created.

As these numbers have indicated, we have been busy bees. And the 6228 files further supports this statement.

28 events attended.

We have attended 28 events in this past year, out of which we have spoken at 22. If you want to get in touch with us, you can find an overview of the upcoming events here.

25000 correlation pairs daily calculated.

300 marketing KPIs tracked daily.

18 additional marketing tools added.

We have added 18 new tools into the nexoya App, which means that 18 more tools that commonly a marketer works with are now possibly to be connected to nexoya.

150 anomalies detected monthly.

303 glasses of Glühwein drank.

The season for Glühwein has only been opened a month ago, and we have already drunk 303 glasses/ cups of Glühwein so far.

144 table soccer matches played

With all the thinking, questioning and hustling we do, we know the value of an efficiently used work break, were the backend team often plays against the Machine Learning team and has so far played 144 matches.

9 new employees hired.

Our team has grown drastically over the past year, and we are so happy that 9 new fantastic team members have joined our team.

92 046 slack messages sent.

As we are unfortunately not always in the same location, our method of communication is slack, where we have exchanged a total amount of 92’046 messages over the year.