We are excited to be the finalists at one of the most prominent digital marketing awards in Europe – Best of Swiss Web Award

It was a fantastic experience, and we are happy to see the results of our work: together with Generali, Nexoya won a Silver award in the Innovation category!

Best of swiss award behind the scenes

What is the Best of Swiss Web Award?

Being one of the most prestigious awards in digital marketing, Best of Swiss Web Award year after year sets quality standards, promotes transparency, and sets the key trends for the industry. Every year Best of Swiss Award’s committee, constituted by more than 100 jurors, decides on the best companies for one of ten categories.

Founded in 2001, Best of Swiss Web Award is now known as one of the most respected awards at the international level. 

This year the ceremony took place in the Samsung Hall in Düdendorf on the 6th of September.

Silver award at Best of swiss web award

What helped us make this happen?

Without a doubt, having such a great team of professionals and devoted customers helped us to achieve such outstanding results. And now we are delighted to share some exciting facts about our journey!

10 facts on How we did win Best of Swiss Award 2021

BOSW infographic EN

To sum up, this success is the result of excellent collaborative work! It won’t be possible without our hard-working and highly motivated team of AI enthusiasts.

Nexoya team together

We are excited about this experience, but we are even more thrilled about what is coming next. 

We are looking forward to achieving more ambitious goals and reaching new heights with Nexoya!

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Text version of the infographic:

  1. 15.8 million data points predicted
  2. 4 marketing channels optimized
  3. 10 highly-motivated people involved 
  4. +77% conversion achieved 
  5. 425 hours of work
  6. 5 iterations on the design and landing page
  7. 4 videos recorded in total
  8. 1005 cups of coffee drunk
  9. 480 cups of nexoya-tea drunk
  10. 24 wine bottles opened and consumed