AI marketing tools that you need to know

In our earlier post, we talked about the generic benefits of AI in marketing. In this blog post, we would like to go one step further and distinguish between various disciplines in marketing and list some AI marketing tools for each marketing segment.

1. Personalisation
2. Email
3. Chatbots
4. Predictive Analytics
5. Customer Segmentation
6. Content Creation
7. Campaign Automation


AI for generating websites, emails, social media posts, and videos, personalized for each user.
With the help of personalization, marketers are able to target their audiences more specifically with personalized content and know which stage of the conversion funnel their customers are in.

Here’s a list of a few marketing tools, some of which are already implementing Artificial Intelligence right now. Others are on the way doing so, or surely starting very soon.


Optimizely is a typical A/B testing tool, which helps you to personalize your website across all the customer touchpoints.

Dynamicyield is a platform that helps to enhance personalization on all channels and with that increase the revenue by using predictive targeting with AI.

Personyze is an SaaS platform that offers personalization solutions for digital marketers, with a focus on AI-driven recommendation engines.

Qubit helps digital marketers understand their data better and personalize their content for better conversion.

Liftigniter helps to personalize website content, which enhances the overall user experience on a website — very good for email personalization.

Onespot is a personalization platform that helps companies provide relevant content and increase conversions, with a focus on web content.


With AI, the generation of email content, as well as time and frequency of email campaigns can be optimized, based on each customer’s behaviour.

The following tools already use AI or seem to be implementing AI soon into their platform:


Sendx is an email marketing automation platform that can improve your email marketing conversions and open rates, based on various parameters and behaviours of your customers.

Drip is an Ecommerce marketing automation and personalization software for email, that enhances the customer experience and integrates itself into many other tools.

Mailchimp is a famous email marketing tool, which invests in AI on various elements like optimized sending or A/B testing.

Converkit is an email automation service tool, provided especially for bloggers and any other business that is building their audience.

emarsys helps you to create and manage Omni-channel personalization with AI, with a focus on email marketing.


Nowadays, most of the existing chatbots are already integrated to many websites and provide customer support as well as chat services to users. The simple ones are operating based on rules (for example, “if this happens, then this”), but the more advanced chatbots implement machine learning algorithms as well.

Here are some examples which either already implement machine learning or are likely working on it:


Botsify is a chatbot provider which you can integrate without any coding skills. Botsify is an intelligent bot with machine learning capabilities.

With Flowxo you can create a chatbot without coding skills. You can integrate this bot into different websites, apps, and social media platforms.

Imperson creates chatbots by supporting all conversation interface modalities.

Manychat creates Facebook Messenger chatbots for support, marketing, and sales.

Itsalive is a chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger with a focus of good UX and interface design.

Predictive Analytics

Marketers can benefit from insights in their data, by getting statistics and reports from their various channels in one place and applying AI methods such as predictive analytics.

predictive analytics

Mintigo provides intelligent engagement solutions such as predictive lead scoring, new pipeline generation, and sales enablement.

Nexoya is a marketing intelligence platform that enables campaign prediction for better marketing performances as well as anomaly detection for surprising or unusual events.

Customer segmentation

Historical and behavioural data for each customer can provide a possibility to segment customers better and use this segmentation to create personalized offers, better customer experience and individually tailored promotions.

Some of the following tools already leverage AI in their businesses, or plan to apply it soon:

customer segmentation

Amplitude is a product analytics tool that helps you to understand better what users on your website are clicking in order to improve your product or service.

Appier is a marketing automation platform that helps you to engage with your audience in a more efficient way based on user behaviour.

Affinio offers AI-driven segmentation that helps to better understand who the customers are and what they want.

Optimove leverages AI in order to create more effective relationships with customers.

Content Creation

Content is king in marketing and is a crucial part of every digital marketing strategy. Content creation takes up an immense amount of marketers’ time. Marketers can benefit from a natural language generation (NLG) tool that creates text based on existing or new data.

Here are some tools which are already using AI or likely plan to use AI soon:

content creation

Articoolo is a content creator, that works alike to human brain when it comes to article writing process.

Curata is a content curation tool that discovers quality content with a self learning engine.

Wordsmith is a natural language generator that transforms data into meaningful content.

Articleforge is a platform that creates articles based on deep understanding algorithms.

Campaign Automation

Marketing campaign automation tools are available on a large scale in the market. These tools provide marketers with automation for their campaign management on all channels.

Here are some tools which are using AI or plan to apply it:

campaign automation

Socialpilot allows you to manage all your social accounts in one single platform and offers you automated scheduling for your posts.

Agilecrm is a CRM platform where you can automate your marketing activities in one single place.

Activecampaign is an email campaign automation tool that offers features such as segmentation, CRM, and tracking.

Smartly is an advertising automation tool that helps advertisers manage their work in an easy, automated way.


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