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Replay: How to Maximize your Cross-Channel Campaign Performance with Predictive Analytics



  • How to prepare your data for optimization?

  • Predictive analytics & model training

  • Budget allocation across campaigns

  • Q&A

    Uncover the Secrets of Nexoya’s Optimization Algorithm

    Curious about what happens behind the scenes?

    Watch our webinar to learn more about the power of predictive analytics and dive into the inner workings of Nexoya’s optimization algorithm. Gain exclusive insights into the step-by-step process, from data collection to optimization, and discover how it propels marketing success and helps you maximize your cross-channel campaign performance.


    Speaker: Luca Masera, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Nexoya

    When: 14th of June at 11:00

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Language: English


    • What will be presented during the webinar?

      In this webinar, Luca Masera will present a comprehensive overview of Nexoya’s optimization algorithm, explaining how it works and taking you through the entire process from data collection to optimization.

    • How long is the webinar?

      The webinar, including a Q&A session, will last approximately 40 minutes.

    • In which language will the webinar be conducted?

      The current webinar will be conducted in English.