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Replay: Attribution Modeling in a Cookieless Future


  • Attribution models best practices

  • Challenges for performance marketing

  • Attribution in a cookieless & privacy compliant future

  • Q&A

    Attribution Modeling in a cookieless future

    Attribution is a hot topic at the moment. With the outlook on a cookieless future current best practices will need to adapt. In this webinar, we address the challenges of attribution modeling in performance marketing together with our experts. Attribution will become more challenging but certainly not impossible.

    Our experts:

    Marco Saric is the co-founder of Plausible Analytics with a focus on marketing and communication. Plausible is a simple, open source, lightweight and privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. He has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years.

    Julius Kirscheneder is the CMO and co-founder of neon. Neon is a Swiss neobank offering its services exclusively via a mobile app entirely free. Julius has experience as a Managing Director in the telco, travel & digital industry.


    • Why will tracking become more difficult?

      Privacy regulations have turned 3rd party cookies into their ultimate nemesis. As a result, browsers continually opt-out of cookie tracking while data regulations become stricter.

    • Why should marketers pay special attention to the privacy trends?

      Correctly attributing conversions to the various online marketing channels will become an even greater challenge.