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Digital Advertising Trend Report 2023

Digital Advertising Trend report 2023 Featured image


  • Insights on marketing trends and advertising opportunities in 2023

  • Analysis of the key advertising metrics such as ad spend, ROAS, CPC, and CTR

  • In-depth analysis of seasonality patterns in advertising

  • Hands-on tips on how to realize your full marketing potential

    Digital advertising Trend report 2023

    Nexoya is a major player in the digital marketing analytics market in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Given that over 5% of Switzerland’s digital ad spend is managed over the Nexoya platform, it gives the unique opportunity to discover valuable insights and trends shaping today’s digital marketing landscape based on aggregated and normalized data.

    In this new report, we summarized the key insights identified during the in-depth data analysis of 2021 and 2022. This report will help you to become more aware of the current trends and will allow you to leverage this knowledge to make informed decisions about your next campaign.

    Stay ahead of the curve and gain insights into the latest trends in digital advertising with our Trend report. Get your copy now!

    Frequently asked questions

    • Who is this report for?

      Digital Marketing Specialists, Experts in Paid Advertising, CMOs, Head of Performance Marketing, Department Team Leaders

    • How can this trend report help?

      We want to share our experience and expertise in the digital advertising field. We aim to enable marketers to manage their digital campaigns holistically and across all the marketing channels simultaneously.