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Mastering AI Models: Vodafone’s A/B Testing Secrets for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency



  • A/B testing setup and objectives

  • Goals aimed to achieve

  • Impressive results with Nexoya

  • Why Nexoya outperformed traditional methods

  • Q&A Session

    Bring Your Performance Marketing to the Next Level

    Join this essential webinar to learn how Vodafone Italia achieved a 13% sales uplift using Nexoya’s AI-driven platform.

    Discover Vodafone’s A/B testing approach and why Nexoya outperformed traditional methods. Perfect for performance marketing professionals, digital marketing leaders, marketing analysts, and business strategists, this session offers practical tips and strategies to integrate advanced technologies into your marketing plans.

    Our experts

    Emiliano Bozzi is the Head of Digital Marketing & Data Strategy at Vodafone Italy, where he spearheads the integration of data-driven strategies to enhance digital marketing efforts. With extensive experience in MarTech, Emiliano has played a critical role in transforming Vodafone’s digital initiatives, driving innovation, and achieving measurable results.

    Lorenzo Casuscelli is the Digital Marketing Lead at Vodafone Italy. His expertise lies in orchestrating comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize performance. Lorenzo’s strategic insights have been instrumental in elevating Vodafone’s marketing effectiveness and driving growth.

    Flavia Wagner is the Head of Customer Success at Nexoya. With a wealth of experience in customer success and digital marketing, Flavia has a deep understanding of AI-driven solutions and their impact on marketing performance. Her vision and expertise have been pivotal in positioning Nexoya as a leader in marketing technology, offering advanced solutions for data-driven marketing optimization.


    • What is the language of the webinar?

      This webinar will be conducted in English.

    • What will be the main takeaways from this webinar?

      In this webinar, we will discuss Vodafone Italia’s A/B testing strategy with Nexoya, the goals they aimed to achieve, the impressive results they delivered, why Nexoya’s AI solution outperformed traditional methods, and practical tips for integrating AI into your marketing strategies.

    • Is there a fee to attend the webinar?

      No, the webinar is free to attend.