The Campaign section provides you with information about all the campaigns you have created in nexoya. 

Let’s look at a short overview of this section.

Setup Campaign Section

If you navigate to Campaigns on the application, you can see at first glance which campaigns are currently running or will run in the future. In addition to the name and the period of the campaign, you can also see the allocated budget.

By clicking on a campaign, you can view its details.

How to create a new campaign

  1. Navigate to the Campaign section and click on the “Create campaign” button.
  2. Name the campaign and enter a short description.
  3. Set the date range for your campaign.
  4. Next, choose a goal for your campaign. You can focus a campaign on reach, clicks, conversions or other funnel steps.
  5. In the next step, select the relevant content that belongs into the same campaign. Once the content is selected you can continue in the process via the “Next Step” button.
  6. You have now reached the “Budget Settings” page and can enter a budget for the selected metrics. Additionally, you have the choice between the type of optimization: you can decide between an automatic or a manual implementation. As a last step, you define the desired risk level.

That is it! The new campaign is created. Now you can easily monitor it and see if any changes need to be made. Your campaign is now successfully set up in nexoya.

Campaign Optimization

If you want to edit an opened campaign, you can select the corresponding campaign in the campaign overview and adjust the name, the description, the time period, as well as the implementation method, and the risk level with the three dots at the top of the page. If you want to change something in the content, you can navigate to the content tab and edit the content of the campaign via “Edit Content”.

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