The Campaign section provides you information about all the campaigns you have created at nexoya. 

Let us have a short overview of this section.

Current active Campaigns within the nexoya tool

In nexoya, all the campaign are divided into three main categories: 

  • Active
  • Completed
  • Planned

Active campaigns are those campaigns that you are currently running.

If you click on the Completed tab you will see all the campaigns that were completed and terminated. 

All the future campaigns that were planned but have not yet been started are accessible via the Planned tab. 

How to create a new campaign?

  1. Navigate to the campaign section and click on the Create campaign button
  2. Name your campaign and provide a short description if necessary
  3. Define the date range for your campaign
  4. Add an icon image. You can customize the campaign’s icon by adding an image URL (in this example the yellow duck). 
  1. Specify the budget activities if necessary. This step is not required and can be specified later. By defining the budget you can easily track how much money was spent on the specific campaign.
  1. Click on “Create campaign” button to continue editing your campaign
  2. Add metrics that are related to this campaign and define goals for each of them (desired result). Based on these KPIs nexoya will make a prediction on how likely the campaign will achieve the desired goal.
  3. Click on the big green circle in the right corner of the screen to start/refresh the prediction Campaign View within the nexoya ToolIt can take up to 20 seconds. Now you will be able to see the percentage achieved and predicted. The prediction will help you to better plan and distribute your marketing efforts. 

This is it! The new campaign is created. Now you can easily monitor it and see if any changes need to be done. 

Check out our short explanation video! 🙂

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