We’re excited to announce the release of our new Portfolio-Funnel View in Nexoya. It’s designed to help you easily navigate and gain insights into your cross-channel campaign performance with one click.

Let’s explore some of the key functionalities!

🔍 Overall Funnel View

The new Portfolio Funnel View offers an insightful funnel that sheds light on your performance and the predicted potential per each funnel stage

Would you like to have a look at the cost development? Switch your view using the button located in the right corner.

Portfolio funnel view live in Nexoya

📊 Filter Function

Easily track the contribution of each channel to the overall result by using the filter function.

Portfolio funnel view filter by channel

🛍️ Conversion Rate

You can now estimate the overall funnel performance by tracking the conversion rate of each funnel stage. This helps you identify the areas that need improvement and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

💡Use the filter to see the conversion rate for each channel.

Portfolio funnel view conversion rate

This new Portfolio Funnel view will help you manage your campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

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