SAP customers can optimize digital multi-channel marketing campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence thanks to the integration of nexoya. Find out more in the free webinar on November 19, 2020.

Performance Prediction of Digital Marketing Measures

Zurich and Berlin, October 27, 2020 – The SaaS start-up nexoya Ltd. is now a certified SAP partner. In the SAP App Center, companies can find around 1,600 certified partner solutions that they can integrate into their SAP environment. Since the end of September, the solution “nexoya Marketing Analytics” is also available here. This optimizes marketing campaigns based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the partnership, customers with SAP Marketing Cloud in use can read their SAP data with the nexoya solution and process it together with the data collected there. In this way, the future performance of digital marketing measures can be assessed, campaigns can be optimized and budgets can be aligned based on data-based forecasts. Through the integration, marketing experts receive analyses of information from a wide range of sources at the click of a mouse. Data from third-party systems such as Google Analytics and exogenous factors such as weather data are also processed. In a free webinar on November 19, nexoya and SAP will give a practical insight into the possibilities that the partnership opens up for the marketing of companies. nexoya will also show its solution using the example of the Emmi Group.

Advantages of using the SAP Marketing Cloud in combination with nexoya

The integration of “nexoya Marketing Analytics” into the SAP Marketing Cloud solution enables SAP customers to compare and analyze data from campaigns or mailings with exogenous factors and data from third-party systems – such as information from Google Analytics, the weather, or currencies. nexoya works with modern methods of AI for this purpose: Based on the historical performance, it is calculated how individual campaigns and the individual assets will behave in the future or how these correlate with other values. This results in a variety of possibilities for the practical work of marketing teams: They can easily and quickly create targeted reports and gain deep insights into their data. For example, by correlating the opening rate of a mailing sent via SAP Marketing Cloud in the Frankfurt area with the temperature measured in the city at the time of dispatch. Or they can determine how the frequency of e-mail campaigns affects sales, website traffic or organic search terms on Google.

Emmi’s application of the SAP Marketing Cloud and nexoya

The solution from nexoya also enables marketing teams to optimize cross-channel campaigns: The AI aggregates and processes huge amounts of different data from many different channels and uncovers insights and correlations that improve the return on investment. Using predictions based on AI, the algorithm calculates the optimal alignment of individual budgets. In contrast to simple process automation, AI algorithms learn quickly about changing patterns and thus continuously improve their results. In this way, costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent, according to nexoya’s experience. nexoya only collects non-personalized data that is stored in certified Swiss data centers.

“The connection of the SAP Marketing Cloud solution with nexoya enables marketing experts to easily analyze their data sources and use predictive analytics with a click of the mouse. For example, they can see whether there is a correlation between their campaigns controlled by SAP Marketing Cloud and other key marketing figures, such as the number of search queries on Google. At the same time, they can have forecasts calculated that provide information about whether their current campaigns will be successful or not,” says Marco Hochstrasser, co-founder and CTO, nexoya.

Nexoya Platform Metric Predicition

Emmi Group makes data-driven decisions in Marketing

The milk processor Emmi Group also wanted to profit from these possibilities and supported the integration of nexoya in SAP Marketing Cloud. The Emmi Group has 25 production facilities in Switzerland and is represented worldwide by subsidiaries in 14 countries. The marketing managers wanted a detailed analysis of the impact of their activities on end customers. The goal was to have all digital marketing metrics centrally available in one place for analysis, evaluation, and predictive analytics. With the SAP Marketing Cloud solution and the AI-based solution from nexoya, the Emmi Group is now able to analyze key figures in the area of customer loyalty. The results are meaningful analyses, based on which the probability of success of multi-channel campaigns is predicted.

“With nexoya and SAP Marketing Cloud, we can now make data-driven decisions about our future marketing strategy based on aggregated KPIs,” says Marcel Härtlein, Global Head Digital Transformation, Emmi Group.

Comparison of SAP Marketing Clouds in the nexoya platform

Webinar: „How to Analyze Campaign Performance of SAP Marketing Cloud with External Data“

The webinar will show how marketing teams can leverage the power of the SAP Marketing Cloud to improve campaign results with advanced analytics. Marco Hochstrasser, co-founder and CTO of nexoya, uses the example of “nexoya Marketing Analytics” to show how third-party solutions can be integrated into the SAP solution. The participants will also learn how to use modern predictive analytics approaches to correlate, predict, and compare performance results with external data. The webinar will be held in English and is aimed at specialists and managers from marketing and IT.

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