Five months ago, as we were working on our new Help Center, we realized how valuable it would be to have all the knowledge available in one handbook. Our main goal was to create a manual that would provide helpful insights about KPIs for marketers. In this handbook, we explained the most important KPIs and provided tips on getting more out of your data and improving overall marketing performance.

As a result of the collective team-work, our new Marketing KPI-handbook went live at the beginning of this year!

We are very proud to announce the launch of our first e-book. We are now happy to share some interesting facts about this journey we have experienced during the past few months!

12 facts about Marketing KPI-handbook creation

Marketing KPI handbook infographic EN

Text version of the infographic:

1) 17 articles about marketing KPIs created 

2) 59 pages designed

3) At least 10 iterations about design done

4) 1200 cups of coffee drank

5) 5 fights about KPIs’ definitions handled

6) 200 cups of nexoya-tea

7) More than 120 tasks closed on gitlab

8) 50 online-meetings conducted

9) 3 drafts sent to the trash

10) front covers proposed

11) Fights on illustrations handled

12) back-up copies of the ebook created