Wondering how to start your journey with nexoya? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with us and how we support our customers to get familiar with the nexoya platform.

1. Schedule an onboarding session with us

In order to help you on your journey to becoming a data-driven marketer, we will first schedule an onboarding session with you. In this session, our customer success team will guide you through a short Q&A and then help you to get all your integrations set up.

2. Integrate further connections

Check out all the available integrations here, and extend your nexoya experience by connecting further tools such as social media, paid ad channels, or your web analytics platform. Additionally, nexoya has a weather and a currency integration, which might have some unknown business impact for you – enable them and check your correlations. 

3. Set up of regular business review meetings

In the next step, we will help you to set up nexoya and show you a few tricks in the tool. As we know from our own experience, a new tool takes some time to familiarize yourself with; therefore, we have monthly business review sessions with our customers, where we look at the data together and guide you through the process of becoming more and more data-driven.

4. Start using the tool more regularly

See how it can accelerate your reporting and try out our features such as:

Let us know if you have any questions or ideas on how we can help you in your journey to becoming data-driven.

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