Wondering how to start your journey with Nexoya? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get started with us and how we support our customers to become familiar with the Nexoya platform. 

1. Kick-off

During the Kick-off Meeting, you and your team will be formally introduced to Nexoya. Everyone that should know about Nexoya will be part of this meeting, this includes your Performance Marketing Team, the CMO and even your performance agency if you have one. It firstly serves the purpose of getting to know each other and introducing you to your customer success manager at Nexoya. We will equally use this time to finalize details such as project timeline, project management, success measurement, and more.

2. Connecting your channels to Nexoya

We will send you an invite to Nexoya, and you can already integrate your marketing tools and channels. It is very simple; you just need to select the respective channel in Nexoya and log into your ad account on that channel once to give us permission. Therefore you only need: 

  • List of all channels that are part of the portfolio
  • Login credential to the ad accounts you wish to connect 

You don’t have all the access data contact details? No problem, invite the people with the credentials to Nexoya and they can help you connect.

Here is the list of our current integrations; if you want to connect a channel that is not listed, we can always work with custom imports. You will learn more about this in the onboarding session with us, should it apply. 

💡 How to invite new members and connect channels?

3. Technical onboarding session

Next, we will schedule an onboarding session. Ideally, 1 or 2 people take part in this meeting that know the campaign setup. Don’t worry you don’t need any technical IT skills. In this session, your personal customer success manager will give you a tour of the main functionalities of the tool, start setting up your portfolio and answer any questions you might have. 

This is an overview of the information we will discuss together during the meeting: 

  • List of campaigns that are part of the portfolio
  • Planned budget of the campaigns
  • Campaign start and end date (in case they are not always on)
  • Name of the main metric/goal and how it is tracked (Channel directly, Google Analytics, Hubspot etc.) 

This information will help us set up the portfolio.

4. Setup and Check-in

After the meeting, we’ll create your portfolio. Once it’s set up, we will have the check-in meeting to walk you through. We will make sure that the conversions are the correct ones and that no campaigns are missing. This is the primary goal of the check-in call. Then we’re good to go for the first optimization.

5. Start Optimizing 

Let’s get started! 

Depending on the selected optimization cycles, you will meet your Customer Success Manager. You discuss the upcoming optimization, validate the results of the previous period and celebrate the successes together. 🍾

The optimization proposals are presented and reviewed by you in the tool. If you agree with the suggestions, you can confirm them via a button. Each suggestion must first be confirmed before the budget is adjusted on the respective channels. So nothing happens without your approval. 

💡 How does the optimization work?

Ready; Set; Go


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