The Engagement Rate or Interaction Rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of Engagements such as likes/comment in relation to Reach, Impressions or number of followers. In other words, the metric shows how many users who (potentially) either saw your content actually interacted with it: e.g. give like, commented. Or the amount of users who follow you, who interacted with your content. Basically the metric shows how engaged your audience is with the content you provide.

What is considered as an interaction?

In other words, interaction is various kinds of audience reaction to social media content of some sort.

Different Calculation Methods of Engagement Rate

Depending on your social media objective, this Engagement Rate can be calculated differently. The most common calculation methods are: Interactions by reach, by post or by the amount of total impression (each method is defined in the variations section below).

The different platforms suggest calculating Engagement Rate differently. Let us have a look at the most common calculations depending on the social media platform.

Engagement Rate on Facebook

Engagement Rate Formula on Facebook

Engagement Rate on Twitter

Engagement Rate Formula on Twitter

Engagement Rate on Instagram

Engagement Rate Formula on Instagram

Engagement Rate on Linkedin

Engagement Rate Formula on LinkedIn

Nevertheless, depending on your goal, you can easily apply any other formula.

Reasons to track Engagement Rate

By tracking Engagement Rate marketers can understand how well their content, in general, is performing. It is important to track Engagement Rate to get a better understanding of your audience preferences: what content do they react to, engage with the most and what does not work.  

One of the main goals of digital marketing (especially then it comes to promotions on social media platforms) is to engage as many users as possible. The more the audience is engaged with your content the higher the chances that you will get a broader reach and better awareness.

Common variations of Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate by Reach =Engagement Rate by Reach FORMULAVarious platforms
Engagement Rate by the amount of followers =Engagement Rate by the Amount of FollowersVarious platforms
Engagement Rate by Impressions =Engagement Rate by ImpressionsVarious platforms

It is important to understand that depending on the platform, interactions or engagement may imply different user actions.

How can tracking Engagement Rate help you to become more data-driven?

It is crucial to track and analyze the engagement rate since it helps you to understand how relevant your content is for your audience. Within nexoya, you can easily compare engagement rates for different campaigns by simply comparing the metrics or by creating a custom KPI and make conclusions about their effectiveness.

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