In general, clicks is a metric that counts the user’s action of clicking on a link, an ad, a call to action (CTA) button. Followingly a short overview of all the platforms clicks are found on:

  • Adition
  • AdUnit 
  • Facebook
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn

It needs to be noted that the metric tracks only the action itself without a guarantee that the user actually reached the intended destination, for example the website that was linked.

Reasons to track Clicks

First of all, clicks in relations to paid activities (i.e. Ads) are important to track in combination with the respective Ad impressions and with the goal completions, as the metric is the linking part for the user. Therefore, tracking clicks you can understand whether the messaging is appealing to your target audience and they are eager to click on it .

Clicks in the context of social media and e-mail marketing can give you further insights into the attractiveness and relevance of the provided content to the user and possibly a potential customer.

Common variations of Clicks

We have compiled a short overview of the most common variations of clicks. The list is grouped into metrics from website analytics, social platforms, and e-mail Marketing tools.

Ad ClicksThe action of Clicking on an ad taken by a user.Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads
CTA ClicksThis metric indicates how many users have clicked on the provided CTA button.Hubspot
Click ShareAvailable for Search & Shopping Campaigns, indicating an estimation of the share of all achievable clicks which the ads received.Google Ads
Link ClicksThe total number of users who took the action of following a link by clicking on it. The provided link can be for example in the form of a CTA “Shop Now”.Facebook, Instagram
Website ClicksThe amount of people that followed the link to your landing page via your bio.Instagram
Post ClicksThis metric includes the total number of clicks on a specific Facebook post, including photo view, video play, reporting, expanding the post or the comments, etc.. This metric excludes comments, likes and shares.Facebook
App ClicksOn paid campaigns mostly, app clicks is a measurement to track the amount of users that followed a link leading them to the App Store or directly into the App.Twitter
Organic ClicksIncluding only the clicks from organic content.Twitter
Company Page ClicksThe amount of users that clicked on your company page.LinkedIn
Click CountA metric counting the total number of clicks on LinkedIn posts.LinkedIn
ClicksClicks is the total number of times a specific Link (e.g. URL) has been clicked.Mandrill
Unique Subscribers ClicksThe number of subscribers that clicked on the link. If subscribers clicked more than once, the action will be only counted one time per subscriber.Salesforce, Mailchimp &  Mandrill
Unique ClicksThe number of clicks, only counting the action once, if a user clicked multiple times.Salesforce, Mailchimp &  Mandrill
Total ClicksTotal clicks indicate the total amount of the e-mail recipients clicked on links.Mailchimp
Offer ClickAmount of people clicking on a CTA within an e-mail or content which was sent.SAP Marketing Cloud

How can tracking Clicks help you to become more data-driven?

With the understanding of clicks you can make a first big step in understanding the user journey your potential customer takes on various platforms.  Additionally, adding the metric of clicks to the consideration stage of your marketing funnel, will allow you to see the impact of your marketing activities on this specific metric month by month.This can be easily done within a nexoya funnel, to visualize your user journey for a certain channel.

Secondly, clicks are used for the calculation of various different rates.

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Additional information about Clicks

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