Campaign Optimization with AI

Campaign optimization with AI enables you to receive budget allocation for the most efficient outcome of your campaigns. 

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Problems that
Marketers face today

Keeping a transparent overview of marketing performance is hard.

Cross-channel campaign management is complex and time-consuming.

Allocating budget wisely is very demanding.

Solution provided by Nexoya

  • Thanks to data-driven decisions better return-on-ad-spend
    can be achieved.
  • Thanks to data-driven decisions better return-on-ad-spend
    can be achieved.
  • Take a look at the case study where budget allocation based on predictive analytics improved converions by 70%.

How does it work?


Analysis of data from
all connected tools


Data normalization


Prediction for the next
time period


Proposal for an optimal
budget allocation


Adjust the
budget proposal

Mattia Lovallo

“Thanks to nexoya, we gained insights for efficient budget distribution across various channels and as a result, got advice on how to optimize campaign budgets in order to improve our goal achievements by 24%

Mattia Lovallo, Digital Marketing Expert, Generali

Other Product Features

Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics you will receive anomaly detection in your data, advice, Campaign and KPI predictions
as well as correlations.


You can easily create KPI and campaign reports as well as custom KPI reports. The reports will be generated automatically for your use.

Marketing Dashboard

You can track your marketing performance and have a clear understanding of your cross-channel marketing performance.

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