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Performance Marketing

Google Search ads: How to choose the right bidding strategy for your business?

How do you decide on the bidding strategy and what pitfalls to consider before running your ads on Google search? Find out more now.

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Performance Marketing

Future of Marketing Attribution Modeling

How does the future of marketing attribution look like? Your complete guide to marketing attribution modeling.


Nexoya’s 4th anniversary interview with the founders

This year 2022, Nexoya turns four years old, and we are so excited to celebrate and share this joy with our readers!

Performance Marketing

How to Increase your Ad Campaign ROAS

Are you ready to break the ROAS equation down and determine what underlying components can enhance your performance?

AI & Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends: From Infection Prevention to Data Protection with AI-based Marketing Automation

Online applications and digital channels have seen a huge uptake since the pandemic began. This shift in consumer behavior creates more opportunities for automated experience elements.

Performance Marketing

Top 10 Online Advertising Hacks

ur latest article, we would like to briefly present and explain ten of the best and most effective advertising hacks. Thanks to these hacks, you should be able to optimize your advertising campaigns according to various aspects.

Performance Marketing

7 Marketing Automations in Online-Advertising

The goal and purpose of marketing automation is to reach target groups, users and customers fully automatically on all marketing channels.