Ever wondered how to make the most of your leftover budget or effectively manage overspending? Our newest Budget Delta Feature is here to empower you. Take control of your budget allocation like never before!

🌟 What’s New and How Does It Work?

With the Budget Delta Feature, you can choose how Nexoya handles the differences between your planned budget and actual spending at the start of every new budget allocation.
Simply select your preferred allocation mode to match your needs:

  • Budget Application: Distribute the remaining budget evenly within the period of a new budget application.
  • End of Month: Allocate the remaining budget evenly until the end of the month.
  • End of Month Reset: Like ‘End of Month’, but reset the delta with the beginning of a new month.
  • Portfolio Lifetime: Distribute the remaining budget evenly until the end of the portfolio’s lifetime.
  • Ignore (Off): Opt to disregard deltas and manage them independently.

💡 Note: The Delta budget is computed from the start of the portfolio’s lifetime for all options except “End of Month Reset”. For this option, the Delta budget is calculated from the beginning of the current month.

Manage your Budget delta

🚀 How to Access and Configure This New Feature:

  1. Go to the portfolio you want to adjust.
  2. Click the three dots at the top right of your screen.
  3. Select “Edit”.
  4. In the portfolio settings, find the budget delta configuration.
  5. Choose your preferred option.
  6. Save the changes!

Now, watch your budget pacing adjust automatically within the budget section, based on your chosen mode.

💡 Note: Handling deltas will take place at the start of each new budget application. Any changes you make to the setting will impact budget application going forward.

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