In the fast-paced world of performance marketing, agility isn’t just an asset—it’s essential. We know the pain points: the complexities of traditional budgeting tools, the struggle with cumbersome spreadsheets, and the endless adjustments to get things just right. And then, just when things seem set, the CMO steps in, suggesting an additional $10k to the budget.

Imagine the relief of no longer wrestling with clunky spreadsheets and constant budget tweaks.

Nexoya is here to simplify your approach to marketing budget planning.

We’ve been working on  a more streamlined and powerful Budget screen for you. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the revamped Budget screen — designed for a smoother and more efficient budget planning experience.

What’s new:

Flexibility at its Best

Every business has its rhythms. From festive surges to calm off-peak moments, Nexoya empowers you to tailor your budgets seamlessly.

Here’s how:

Prepping for the high season? Just amplify your budget with a fresh budget position, define the duration, label it, and you’re set! Your budget for the span increases, and the pace auto-aligns with your budgeting blueprint. Streamline budgets for distinct projects, so they stay tuned to the pulse of your business.

Feature email Budget screen Flexibility

Instant Insights on Ad Spend

Avoid budget pitfalls that could jeopardize your marketing strategy or let opportunities slip through. Our newest feature allows you to instantly monitor your expenditure, ensuring you’re consistently informed and steering your portfolio.

Feature email Budget screen budget overview

Unified Channel Overview

View your ad expenditures per channel with just a few clicks.

Feature email Budget ad spend per channel

Effortless Budget Distribution

Simply insert your budget and let Nexoya distribute it across all your campaigns, ensuring you harness maximum potential without the manual hassle.

Eager to try it out? Go ahead and profit from the full potential of these new features.

Stay ahead, budget wisely, and experience the difference with Nexoya.

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