What if you could get +30% more value out of your ad spend?

Nexoya will show you how!

Past few months, we were working on a new feature that could allow companies to become more efficient by improving marketing performance and maximize return on investment while reducing costs.

Sounds like a dream? 🤩

We were running pilots with selected customers in the last couple of months and were able to further enhance our AI models and refine the user interface. Now we are ready to launch it officially and allow everyone to start fully using the power of Nexoya!

This feature allows marketeers to become more efficient by improving marketing performance and maximizing return on investment.

With an application of AI, the Campaign optimization feature allows:

  • Smart cross-channel budget allocation
  • Prediction of best performing campaigns and channels
  • Transparent comparison of each campaign performance 
  • Centralized monitoring & reporting of all your assets
  • Increase in total ROAS by up to 30%

You will see your potential gain directly after the Nexoya models present you with your first advice.

Nexoya shows you suggestions on how much money you should invest in each campaign to improve your ad performance.

Campaign optimization what is new 1

After the allocations are applied, you will be able to monitor the progress and results achieved ongoingly within the platform.

Campaign optimization what is new 1

Find more information about Campaign optimization feature here.

Interested in the feature but still have questions? Contact us!

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