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Replay: Optimize your campaigns’ performance by +77%

Optimize your campaigns’ performance by +77%


  • Agile Budget movements in campaigning

  • The proof: study with the University of Zurich

  • Predictive analytics & how results are validated

  • Automated Ad budget optimization

    Frequently asked questions

    • Why should you optimize your campaigns?

      The main reasons are to save on marketing spending and to improve ROI or, more directly, ROAS (return on ad spend).

    • What is campaign optimization?

      It is the process of smart budget allocation across various channels with the primary goal – to get maximum return on your investment.

    • How to optimize your marketing campaign manually?

      To answer this question, a digital marketer needs to understand: What campaigns and which channels perform the best? Which ad, post, or video contributed the most to your success? How much money is each channel worth to invest in to improve the results and increase conversions?