Press Release: Generali Switzerland relies on AI from nexoya: Optimized campaigns achieve 72 percent more conversions

Generali Switzerland rolls out the “nexoya Marketing Analytics” solution. The project is on the shortlist of the “Best of Swiss Web Award”.

Zurich and Berlin, March 24, 2021 – Generali Switzerland is optimizing its digital marketing in collaboration with the start-up nexoya, provider of the “nexoya Marketing Analytics” solution for AI-based campaign optimization. In a pilot phase, the project team was able to achieve a cumulative uplift of 72.5 percent in conversions within three months with the same budget. The Generali Group has included the pilot phase in Switzerland with nexoya in its global innovation pool. This makes the pilot one of the most innovative projects of the global insurance company. For 2021, Generali Switzerland plans to optimize all Always-On campaigns with “nexoya Marketing Analytics”. With their joint success, the companies made it onto the shortlist of the “Best of Swiss Web Award“.

The Generali Group is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The company is not sticking to the usual marketing in the insurance industry: In Switzerland, Generali relies on collaboration with startups and on innovative technical solutions for products as well as for internal processes. In 2020, Generali Switzerland introduced an always-on strategy for digital campaigns. With a sophisticated target group strategy using audience analytics on Google Analytics 360, Generali Switzerland addresses users in real time with contextual messages on various channels and end devices.

Generali Switzerland recognized that despite these improvements, further important steps needed to be taken: The complexity of data from four different data sources with millions of data points made it difficult to analyze the effectiveness of each campaign and compare campaigns. Rigid budgets based on fixed channel-oriented planning left potential untapped. This high complexity and the lack of data harmonization led to time-consuming and error-prone manual campaign optimization.

AI enables data-driven predictions

To solve the problems, the insurer brought the start-up nexoya to its side in the summer of 2020: “We were looking for a solution that would allow us to become more dynamic and continuously

adapt to the changing conditions of the market. Digital marketing is facing a new challenge: an era without cookies. Attribution models will no longer have the same informative value in the future. That’s why we are relying on the cooperation with nexoya to find a solution that works independently of cookies,” says Mike Fuhrman, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Generali Switzerland. With the help of the “nexoya Marketing Analytics” solution, AI algorithms are now analyzing captured data from all digital channels for Generali Switzerland. “We rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence for data-driven predictions. On this basis, marketing at Generali Switzerland today optimizes its multi-channel campaigns and budget allocations – and is thus one step ahead of the competition,” says Manuel Dietrich, Co-Founder and CEO, nexoya. Marketing is thus able to assess future performance, optimize campaigns and ideally align budgets based on AI-based predictions. In terms of conversions, the resulting quote requests from premium calculators or online sales, Generali Switzerland recorded an increase of over 72 percent. This increase was made possible by the use of AI algorithms that predicted a six-stage weighted funnel. Thanks to the constant campaign runtime, the result in the case of Generali Switzerland is above average. In addition, nexoya enabled full transparency across all multi-channel always-on campaigns.

Optimization process in five steps

  1. Data collection: After integrating all channel platforms, nexoya collected all available historical data of the always-on campaign. The integration of all channels enabled continuous aggregation of data from Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads and DV360.
  2. Predictive analytics: based on the collected data, nexoya provided machine learning-based predictions for each campaign and ad set. nexoya fully automatically applied different AI models to best predict CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions), CPC (cost-per-click) and CP conversion (micro-conversion and standard conversion) for an upcoming period.
  3. Optimization: nexoya then applied the predicted data to a six-step attribution funnel to define the best budget allocation for the upcoming period.
  4. Budget allocation: In the “Business Review Meetings” the proposals were discussed together with Generali Switzerland and the responsible media agency. The company could decide whether to implement the proposed changes or only partially follow nexoya’s advice.
  5. Validation: After each optimization cycle, nexoya performed a validation of the previous results and calculated the effect of the optimization.

Joint application for the “Best of Swiss Web Award”

With the joint success achieved, Generali Switzerland and nexoya are applying for the “Best of Swiss Web Award” this year. The award honors outstanding work that has been commissioned by or created for Swiss companies and in which the use of web technologies plays a major role. In this way, “Best of Swiss Web” sets quality standards, promotes transparency in a still young industry and gives it a face. Founded in 2001, Best of Swiss Web is now one of the most established and respected awards on an international level. Netzmedien AG is the economic sponsor.

More information

Live Webinar from nexoya and Generali Switzerland, 13. April 2021 at 11 AM. „Switching from static to dynamic budgeting and get +72 % more conversions:

Case Study Generali Switzerland: Best of Swiss Award Shortlist:

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At Generali Switzerland, the use of AI-based approaches is nothing new. However, most solutions are built to be channel-specific and thus lacked a holistic view. (Image: nexoya ltd.) Download the mage:

About nexoya

Since 2018, the Zurich-based start-up nexoya Ltd. has been implementing automated analyses for the digital marketing of medium-sized and large companies – in a user-friendly manner and in compliance with data protection laws. Based on machine learning, the SaaS platform “nexoya Marketing Analytics” optimizes multi-channel marketing campaigns: For this purpose, the solution aggregates key figures from different channels such as Google Ads, Instagram or Facebook, presents them clearly and takes over the monitoring of the key figures. Based on the collected data and using artificial intelligence (predictive analytics), nexoya then optimizes the campaign budgets. In this way, the solution relieves marketing teams of routine operational tasks, simplifies automated data-driven decisions and reduces marketing costs by up to 30 percent. nexoya only collects non-personalized data, which is stored in certified Swiss data centers. Customers include well-known companies such as Emmi Group, Generali, CSS or The House Agency.

About Generali

The Generali Group is an independent Italian group with a strong international presence. Founded in 1831, the company is one of the world’s leading insurers. Generali is present in 50 countries, employs around 72,000 people and has over 61 million customers. The Group’s total income amounted to more than 69 billion euros in 2019. This makes Generali the market leader in Western Europe. The company is also gaining importance in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

In Switzerland, Generali’s roots go back to 1887. Today, Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd. has two head offices in Adliswil and Nyon and a broad agency network throughout Switzerland. The insurer has more than one million customers and offers products for every life situation. These include property, legal protection and life insurance, as well as pension solutions. Together with start-ups, Generali develops innovative products. In 2018, the company became the first Swiss insurer to launch a digital pillar 3a.

Press contact information

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Generali Switzerland
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Corporate Communications Specialist
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