April 13 2021 11:00 CEST

In this 45 minute webinar, we will discuss the challenges of implementing a dynamic budget allocation in digital marketing campaigns and how predictive analytics changed how Generali works in its campaigning.

  • Introduction
  • Short insight into the campaign setup
  • Discussion on organizational and structural challenges
  • How Generali reached a 72.5% conversions increase¬†
  • Highlights & lowlights
  • Q&A

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    Today, marketing planning relies on static and channel-specific budgets. In most cases, budget adjustments are based on gut feeling, and decisions are not data-driven.

    As a result, advertisers lose 30% or more each month by manually “allocating” budgets once – this can be changed with dynamic allocation and AI. Generali will talk about how they did it and how an increase of +72% conversions was possible.

    Maurizio Miggiano, Head of Customer Journey, and Mattia Lovallo, Digital Marketing Expert from Generali, will talk together with Marco Hochstrasser, nexoya’s Co-Founder and CTO. The topics discussed are the challenges of switching from manual planning to a dynamic setup and the high-low lights of their current setup.