Video actions are actions users can take within a certain video. Therefore, there are metrics like Video Actions, Video Starts, Video Content Starts, Video CTA Clicks and Video Playback Count. Together with Video Views they create a holistic view of the behaviour of your target audience.

Reasons to track Video Actions

Videos are a really intense form of communication which takes a lot of time to produce. That’s why you should get the most out of it. Video Actions is a way your audience engages with your content and is therefore really powerful. By analyzing your Video Actions data you can identify which content gets your target audience excited the most and concentrate on that kind of subjects, which will increase your views.

Common variations of Video Actions

Video ActionsConstitute actions people can take while watching a video such as pause, play, fast forward etc.Facebook, Instagram
Video StartsShows the amount of times a video was started.LinkedIn
Video CTA ClicksShows all the number of times someone clicked on a button or link during the video.Twitter
Video Playback CountNumber of times someone played back the video to watch it or part of it again.Twitter

How can Video Actions help you to become more data-driven?

When you look at your Video Views together with your Video Actions you can very easily identify trends in the behaviour of your audience. As soon as you know which content gets you the most reactions and attention, you can focus your marketing budget on videos and campaigns that show this type of content. The effectiveness of your boosted videos will increase and so will your ROAS.

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