We’re thrilled to unveil Nexoya’s latest innovation: the Prediction Accuracy feature. 🚀

Eager to verify Nexoya’s forecast accuracy?

With our latest update, assessing the precision of predictions is at your fingertips — anytime you desire.

We’re happy to roll out a feature that lets you measure the accuracy of our predictions at your convenience, for any portfolio and funnel step you choose. This addition comes as part of our commitment to refining our validation process, aiming for complete transparency and an easier way to evaluate the effectiveness of our optimizations.

The Prediction Score – this new metric isn’t just a number, it’s a mirror reflecting the sharpness of our machine learning algorithms in action.

Here’s how the metric is computed:

Prediction accuracy formula

Catch a glimpse of the latest updates:

🔄 Real-Time Accuracy Tracking: Instantly compare predicted versus achieved results each day of the optimization period.

Prediction Timeline: Observe the progression of prediction scores over your chosen period, reflecting the model’s performance at a glance.

🔍 In-Depth Insights: Examine the prediction accuracy  distribution over time with our intuitive histogram.

Ready to see the numbers?

  1. Choose your portfolio.
  2. Hit “See detailed report” on the top right.
  3. Navigate to “Prediction Score” on the top left. The toggle buttons at the right side allows you to switch between the view

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