Eager to optimize your lower funnel but have not enough conversions? 

We have great news!

We have enhanced our AI models and upgraded our Optimization feature with the Adstock modeling. 

Thanks to our new Adstock modeling feature, you can now optimize and boost the performance of low-conversion campaigns.


How does it work?

Using Adstock modeling, Nexoya extends its AI models allowing it to make more precise predictions and enhance optimization quality on low-materiality campaigns.

Adstock modeling visualization

As a result, you can achieve up to 40% better on low conversion campaign optimizations.

Adstock modeling feature will get you:

  1. More precise predictions and, therefore, better optimizations on low materiality campaigns
  2. Increase in performance, especially on low conversion campaigns
  3. Optimization of your lower funnel, even if you don’t have enough conversions
  4. Measure the advertising carryover effect better 
  5. Attribute your conversions using the statistically proven model

This feature is automatically available for all the Optimization customers and will be activated automatically in your next optimization round. 

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