We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our suite of integrations: the Criteo adaptor!

Criteo is a global advertising platform specializing in commerce marketing and personalized online ads. Leveraging machine learning and extensive user data, it serves targeted ads to enhance user engagement and drive conversions for advertisers.

📈 Seamless Integration and Optimization

With the new Criteo adaptor, you can now optimize your Criteo ads in harmony with your other channels. Nexoya is here to ensure you find the optimal budget allocation, boosting efficiency and maximizing your return on ad spend.  

🔌 How to Connect your Criteo Adaptor?
Connect your Criteo adaptor with few clicks:

  • Navigate to the Integration section 
  • Use the toggle switch to activate the Criteo Adaptor 
  • Follow the instructions in the popup window
Criteo adaptor Feature update

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